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The Dangers of Ignoring Your Roof

Out of sight, out of mind commonly applies when it comes to taking care of your roof. Howard & Sons Roofing discusses the dangers of ignoring your roof and the benefits of having inspections.

Details on ‘Ignoring Your Roof’

[Jordan] It’s easy to put off a roof inspection when it’s out of sight out of mind but today Cesar from Howard & Sons roofing is here to educate us on the actual dangers of ignoring your roof so thanks so much for being with me on this topic

[Cesar] thank you for having me

[Jordan] is it just that it’s out of sight out of mind is that why people don’t get a roof inspection

[Cesar] that’s absolutely exactly what happens you know people don’t jump up on the roof and take a look at it as often as you know is required so definitely call a professional to come out and take a look at your roof is often or is two to three years two to

[Jordan] three years so let’s go into that if we don’t have the roof inspection every two to three years if we’re being negligent what is it that can happen what are the dangers that we’ll run into

[Cesar] well you know little do people know that there’s variety of layers on the roof you know it starts with the shingles or the tiles it goes down to the underlayment to the wood sheathing and underneath there you have your rafters your insulation once you know the wood starts to get wet then it attracts termites and it just creates a myriad of problems after that that is a lot of layers you just described and we never even got to the point where you said it’s on my actual ceiling and I can see the water so it takes water quite a long time to maneuver through all of those layers it’s taking this big journey from the roof all the way into our home

[Jordan] how long can it be until we actually physically see the damage inside our home

[Cesar] there’s really no telling but by the time you see the leak inside the house then you have a major problem already you have a major problem so a roof inspection would help you catch those problems early is that also going to help on the financial side because a smaller problem probably is less costly to repair absolutely the quicker you get to it the less expensive it is going to be forty to repair

[Jordan] so every two to three years you’re recommending a professional inspection of course Howard and Sons will come out and do that what is it that you guys are looking for when you’re doing the roof inspection

[Cesar] well we’re gonna look obviously for you know the make sure the tiles are in good condition and or the shingles we’re also going to inspect the attic for proper ventilation moisture levels make sure all the vents are sealed just make sure that you don’t have any leaks we can always see from the inside the Attic as well to check to see if there’s any leaks or any problems there as well

[Jordan] absolutely I love that you guys will give recommendations on that if you are at the point where you need a new roof real quickly you guys have an offer you have for our viewers today

[Cesar] we do for every new roof installed we will throw in 100 feet of seamless aluminum gutters at all

[Jordan] thanks so much for that don’t ignore your roof call Howard and sons today for all of your roofing needs at six one nine three four three two two two eight or you can find them at approved home pros comm slash Howard