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The Dangers of Bad Contractor Practices

Whether it’s taking the easy route to get the job done faster, overpricing or a slow timeline, bad contractor practices happen more often than they should. Our experts sit down to discuss the dangers of these practices and how you can prevent them.

Details on ‘Bad Contractor Practices’

[Sean] It’s time to Ask an Expert where we tackle everyday home-improvement topics tell if you better understand your home today and with Bob Briley from We Care Plumbing Heating & Air,  so we’re talking about a kind of a tough subject today but one that people need to know about which is bad contractor practices

[Bob]yes there’s plenty of them there

[Sean] Let’s start with your industry in the HVAC world what some of the things that you’ve seen that our practices that are deceptive

[Bob] well in the air conditioning side of it I mean there is some Protheroe some stuff inside your air conditioner that we could actually say that is raw something’s wrong with it like capacitors contactors and stuff and there’s really no way for the homeowners to test it so there’s gonna say oh my gosh you need this capacitor or you need this contactor and they’re gonna say Oh catastrophic failed could happen or your system won’t be working when you need it and then they take the part with them and there’s really no way the homeowner can actually check it so they’re telling you something’s wrong that you as a homeowner have no way to check right using a fear tactic that it’s gonna blow up on you is gonna fail

[Sean] right and using that fear and pressuring you to do it right then high pressures

[Bob] yeah there’s also little oil underneath your condenser and it’ll say oh your compressor is bad or you have a leak or something we’re actually they actually put it there and that homeowners like oh my gosh yeah go and change it next thing you know it’s cost you, you know thousands of thousands of dollars for a new system or actually a new product or a new part so when we’re getting to that level it’s not a question of it could have been bad could have not been bad that is just a blatant scam it’s just a blatant scam

[Sean] so when those things happen is it in your opinion more a rogue technician or do you think it’s institutional with the companies that happen with or is a combination of the two

[Bob] I am really hoping for our industry that it’s not a company that’s putting the pressure up for the for the yeah you know the service guy to do it I’  hoping it’s just that that person bad practices he’s their high commission so they’re going for that Commission check and they’re really just going for the fear factor of it and I just hope it’s not a company that’s doing it well as I do

[Sean] but I think we both know that there are companies out there that probably do foster at least that culture that allows that and I think there’s some of the things that Commission based person who’s do you don’t know is commission based giving you advice that may be correct false

[Bob] yeah I mean they’re looking at they’re on hourly High Commission and they’re like going okay I  need to make some money today or no that there’s also some companies that are put the pressure on that employee to actually upsell now as a consumer there’s very little ways to understand or know if these parts that you can’t check are good or bad so that’s where it really comes down to picking the right company in the first place

[Sean] correct yes integrity  is huge buy out my advice to some of the consumers is get the second opinion I mean it’s good it might cost you they might charge with a diagnostic fee or something but you’re better off getting that second just that peace of mind if you’re kind of really questioning the company the other thing you can do is go to Approved Home Pros.com to find the pros that we recommend and all the other asking experts are right there for you