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The Best Siding Options for Your Home

Siding is an important part of the home, but do you know exactly what it is? La Mesa Lumber explains what siding is, the importance of it and what to know about it. Discover how siding affects your home and what to be aware of.

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[Jordan] Hi, I’m Jordan Fraser, here with Tyler Woods from La Mesa Lumber to talk about everything we need to know about siding in San Diego. Thanks for coming in today! I think this is something that a lot of people don’t know about, but siding is so important for our homes.

[Tyler] Definitely, you’re not going to think about it everyday but it is something that is very important for every homeowner to know and be aware about the siding on their house.

[Jordan] So, what exactly is it that siding does?

[Tyler] Siding is going to keep the elements out of your house and also give you the look that your home has.

[Jordan] Which are my two favorite things because I want to make sure the elements stay outside my home so I”m comfortable indoors, water proofing is super important that’s why we can see that it tracks water down. It helps to control the flow of water.

[Tyler] That’s right, it’s going to divert the water down and away from the home.

[Jordan] So, everything stays nice and dry. These three are great examples of what we’re going to find here in San Diego.

[Tyler] Yes, you will find these siding options on older homes here in San Diego County.

[Jordan] So, you say older homes and I want to point that out because that means that if you need to do repairs or replace pieces of it, it may be harder to find these products.

[Tyler] Yeah, sometimes it can be really hard to find those products but at La Mesa Lumber we also have a mill so that we can mill to match what you have.

[Jordan] Which is really exciting because you can mill to fit the exact pieces of wood so that they fit exactly. I like this one because it goes both ways so it’s a nice option, so you can have the different aesthetics that you want. If you are sticking with wood, you have great choices but you also have these wood alternatives.

[Tyler] Yes, so these are going to be alternatives to woods, they’re going to have many more benefits, such as rot, termite and fire resistant.

[Jordan] So, there’s a lot less to worry about with these because there’s probably less maintenance?

[Tyler] Yes, less maintenance and another big benefit is that they are budget friendly.

[Jordan] Budget friendly, also a favorite word of mine! So, all of these products are available at La Mesa Lumber and you can help guide everyone towards the correct product for their home. Whether they are doing some repairs and replacements or if they are ready to start fresh with some construction. So, head over to La Mesa Lumber today for all of your siding needs. You can visit them at 8255 University Ave. or call them at 619-550-3777.