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The Best Paint Tools for Success

DIY paint projects can be an easy and fun way to spruce up your home; however, without the right paint tools your project can go downhill fast. Ace Hardware is here to help with step by step paint tools to line you up for success.

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[Jordan] If you are ready to tackle a DIY painting project there’s so much more that goes into it to get the great results than just buying paint and putting it up on the wall so today I’ve come to Hillcrest Ace Hardware talking with Harry Schwartz all about the prep work that goes into getting a great DIY project

[Harry] that’s exactly right so so often people will come in buy paint put it up on the wall and then be unhappy with the results because not because the problem with the paint but because they didn’t do proper prep work and there’s nothing worse than not being proud at the end of your DIY exactly so there are a number of steps to go through to get your walls ready for the paint and the first one is any repairs that need to be done so let’s say you’ve taken down some picture frames or anything that was hanging on the wall and gets left some holes you’ll want to go and do some repair work you might also have some loose paint that needs to be scraped off so for repair spackling compound and a putty knife is all you need fill in those holes a paint scraper maybe to scrape away loose paint that you don’t want to have on the wall that’s gonna peel off once your new paints on there and it’s easy with the right after you’ve done the spackle you just do a little bit of sanding to giveit a smooth surface and then the next step is really the most important step and it’s the one that’s most often skipped and that’s cleaning your walls imagine how long you’ve lived in your home and nobody cleans their walls on a regular basis right so you’ve got a few years of buildup of dust and smoke residue and things like that and you want to get that cleaned off otherwise it’s gonna show through your paint so TSP is a product that we recommend for doing that and it’s basically just a sponge or a rag and some TSP and wiping down your wall another simple step it just requires the right tools to do it give get the walls nice and clean before you and exactly once you’ve repaired and cleaned your next step is to prep with tape so you’re gonna tape off the areas with that you’re not going to want to paint whether maybe you’re not painting your baseboards or it’s the sealing line around your receptacle switches things like that use your painters tape and of course the tape sticks better to a clean wall that’s exactly right and then lastly is getting your painters tools so you want to get a good tray set it’s got a tray roller roller covers paintbrushes and if you’re using a good quality paint you’ll want to upgrade to a better quality roller and brush and we recommend the Purdy brand which is our top-of-the-line product so then you are ready to paint

[Jordan] so when you are ready to tackle your DIY project head to your local Ace Hardware for all the painting supplies you need and you’ll have a perfect DIY project