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The Best Composite Deck for You

There are so many great deck options today, but how do you know which is the best for your home? La Mesa Lumber is here to discuss all the different options available and the pros and cons of each. Tune in to learn more!

Details ‘The Best Composite Deck for You’

[Jordan] whether you’re building a deck or working with a contractor to do so there are a lot of options when it comes to decking products so today Tyler from La Mesa lumber is here to share what products the pros trust most and what’s out there for you to choose from thanks for coming in today

[Tyler] thank you for having me

[Jordan] you’re here to talk about some different brands that we have for decking products what are the three brands you brought in today

[Tyler] yes so today we have treks timber tech and Azek all three amazing decking companies that both contractors and homeowners can trust which we love these are composite decking products

[Jordan] so tell me what that means

[Tyler] composite decking means that they’re going to be low maintenance they’re also going to be scratch resistant fade resistant and stain resistant and these are alternatives to wood if we are a traditional wood products

[Jordan] if we’re gonna build a deck right

[Tyler] yes so this would be something that the current homeowner is tired of having to restain or repaint their old wood deck and they want to go to something that is gonna be low-maintenance well

[Jordan] I love low maintenance because it’s so easy to just enjoy it all year round without having to you know clean it stain it all the time so we’re getting longevity how do we choose between these three brands because it sounds like they all have the same benefits

[Tyler] yes so definitely price is going to play a factor whatever your budget is will kind of determine where you fall in the big picture of composite decking and another factor is going to be color and grain pattern this is going to be something that the homeowner is going to have for a very long time so it’s going to be something you want to look at every day

[Jordan] [yeah so just between the brands as we can see up on the table the different brands have different grain patterns so it’s really just personal preference what you want to look at exactly and then choosing the color palette because of course it kind of varies between the brands what colors are available

[Tyler] yes and as you’ll see here we have some real popular option as well as some economy options if you are on a tighter budget and of course this is just a small smattering of what’s actually available

[Jordan] and there’s an incredible offer right now

[Tyler] if you’re in the market for some decking products yes so right now we have a promo if you spend $3,000 on decking you get a $300 La Mesa lumber gift card if you spend $4,000 you get a $400 gift card and $5,000 we’ll get you a $500 gift card

[Jordan] thank you so much Tyler I love some return savings so visit Lamesa lumber today to get everything you need for your deck or other projects you’re working on find them at eight two five five University Ave in La Mesa or more information is available at approved home pros comm