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The Benefits of Variable Air Speeds

We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air joins us to how the high-efficiency units use variable air speeds. Learn how these units can adjust how much power is needed based on the temperature conditions.

Details on ‘Benefits of Variable Air Speeds’

[Jordan] don’t make your a/c work harder than it has to for you to stay comfortable in your home today Bob Briley from we care Plumbing Heating and Air is here to help us understand variable-speed HVAC thanks for coming in today, so what is variable-speed

[Bob] HVAC variable-speed is most your systems are in a single stage but now they came out with first stage I came out with a two stage and they came out all the variables mean well so the best part is

[Jordan] I need you to even break that down further for me what’s a stage

[Bob] ok stages are ours like shifting gears in your car ok you have a single stage which means your suzer system comes on its run Animax capacity okay so there’s one speed it’s either on or it’s off exactly and then your second stages it’s going to come on if it needs the second stage it’s gonna shift in a second stage that’s gonna help you get through where you need to get to it okay the variable speed some systems have sixty six stages so that’s sixty six gears this thing is gonna be shifting as it’s going along and it’s gonna be working its way up to the sixty six it’s gonna be very rare that I ever hits the 66 because it’s you know 97 degrees inside your house and then you wanted that 60 then it’s gonna hit that hundred percent but most the time it’s just gonna cruise along to where it needs to be done and then it’s gonna hit your system and you’re gonna be comfortable in your home without using that maximum level of energy

[Jordan] exactly this cost actually be saving energy you’re gonna be saving a ton of energy it sounds like which of course leads to savings in the long run out of your pocketbook is that right

[Bob]  correct you’re gonna be using it if you use it the same way you use your old system you’re gonna see in substantial savings if you don’t use it the same well then your savings into going out the window because now you’re like hey I just spent all this money on your system

[Jordan] I want it ice cold in my house

[Bob] your savings isn’t gonna be there it might not be quite the same but this allows you to maybe be a little more a little more rigorous with how comfortable you want to be because you can you can loosen up and I want it to be a little bit colder your variable speeds not going to use that maximum energy so this is really gonna help people stay more comfortable more of the time exactly and then they also have it for heaters too they have single stage gasps you know gasps valves they have two-stage gas valves and then they have a modulating gas valve and it works the same way first stage gas is on second stage two stages it goes one two and then modulating it works its way up to the demand that’s needed for the house

[Jordan] and of course all the comfort advisors that we care just like you will come out and help ask questions about my lifestyle figure out what I need and get me to the right products

[Bob] yeah the biggest thing is what are you looking for how long gonna beat your house because if you’re gonna be literally for a year then why would spend all this money on a system that you only gonna be there for a year because you’re not gonna get that money back when you sell your house

[Jordan] thanks so much Bob for all of your AC repair needs or if you’re ready to upgrade to a variable-speed HVAC system call week here today six one nine three three three eight six four six