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The Benefits of PebbleTec

Did you know that Gardner Outdoor & Pool Remodeling is the only licensed company to install the PebbleTec finish when remodeling pools? This means that they have access to an unique type of finish that not only looks great, but also protects your pool. Tune in to discover the value of PebbleTec.

Details on ‘The Benefits of PebbleTec’

[Sean] I’m Sean Johnson, today I’m here with Mark Feldstein from Gardner Outdoor & Pool Remodeling to learn about PebbleTec finishes. Mark, glad to have you on today.

[Mark] Glad to be here.

[Sean] Now I’m familiar with PebbleTec, but for our viewers out there, explain what PebbleTec is.

[Mark] PebbleTec is the originated of the aggregate pebble finish that goes inside pools.

[Sean] So aggregate meaning, it’s a natural material that’s ground down, or?

[Mark] It’s actually a material that they mine all over the world from rivers and they don’t crush it, that’s one thing that separates them from the other guys. It’s a naturally rounded product.

[Sean] So, this is a pool finish that is a choice that’s instead of plaster, is that generally the choice that people are making?

[Mark] Absolutely, if someone wants that richer color, that textured finish or that longevity that PebbleTec offers that’s a great alternative to plaster.

[Sean] So, with PebbleTec I’ve seen various looks of and feels of it. So tell me what’s available in terms of options?

[Mark] Well, they have about four options these days… PebbleTec which is a finish with a larger pebble. Pebble Sheen which is a smaller pebble and smoother finish. Pebble Fina which is a quartz finish and then Pebble Brilliance which a combination of glass and pebble.

[Sean] And is that the one you said is the like bling for your pool?

[Mark] Yes, the Pebble Brilliance reflects the sunlight and has this beautiful bling look to it that adds to the pool.

[Sean] Now has do you guide someone through the process of discovering which one is right for them?

[Mark] You have to listen to your client and learn how they use or not use the pool. Maybe they just want something beautiful to look out at the back window. And you also have to understand their expectations of longevity and budget. So that way you can guide them to the correctsolution.

[Sean] With the longevity, Pebble Tec can last 25 years as opposed to – what is a plaster finish? 8-10 years. So, there’s a big difference. With that approach that you have, that’s one of the reasons we recommend you because there are so many companies in your industry that just want to sell one particular product but they don’t spend the time on a consultative approach like you do.

[Mark] Our average appointment is about two hours. We are there to listen to the client, not just try and sell something that we have.

[Sean] Very different than the rest of the industry. If you’re not in love with your pool, call Gardner Outdoor & Pool Remodeling for remodeling today. You can find them at ApprovedHomePros.com