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The Benefits of Metal Roofs by Howard & Sons Roofing

We’re all familiar with tile and shingle roofs, but have you ever considered a metal roof? Ignacio Cesar Peinado from Howard & Sons Roofing discusses the benefits of having a metal roof, as well as installation and which types of homes are best suited for this new kind of roofing.

Details on ‘The Benefits of Metal Roofs’

[Sean] We’re all familiar with tile and shingle roofs here in San Diego but if you’ve ever considered a metal roof? Ceser from Howard & Sons is here to talk about metal roofs. Now metal roofs are something that not everybody knows about. Tell people what a metal roof really is.

[Cesar] A metal roof is in essence metal panels or they also we have metal shingle roofs and one of the things that or many of the things that attracts customers/ consumers to metal roofs is of course the beauty and the elegance, not to mention the longevity.

[Sean] Now they look amazing, that’s one of the things that I was struck by when I started looking some of the images I know we’re seeing some those images today. Is that a primary driver for people to choose a metal roof is that look that you can only get with a metal roof?

[Cesar] Of course, the curb appeal that it brings to the home not to mention the fact that it increases the home’s value tremendously are some of the things that stand out when it comes to metal roofs.

[Sean] How about before and after? Have you seen homes just completely transformed before the metal roof and after the metal roof?

[Cesar] Night and day. The elegance that a metal roof springs brings to the home is incredible.

[Sean] And is there any particular style that it works with or won’t work with of home or it can be made to work with just about any style?

[Cesar] It could be made to work with any style it’s up to primarily up to the consumer. I’ve seen a lot of contemporary homes and I love that look but I know people like other looks that it can fit with them. There’s other benefits besides the look the longevity is a key.

[Sean] Tell us how long they last and compare that to a normal roof.

[Cesar] Okay, so take a standard shingle roof for example they last anywhere from 15 to 20 years as to where a metal roof will last at least 50 years no problem.

[Sean] 50 so double what is traditional.

[Cesar] Absolutely.

[Sean] Is that partly because the UV rays of the sun are not going to penetrate that metal and get down to the underlayment the felt which is what breaks down normally in a roof?

[Cesar] Of course, that’s one of the many features but you know standing seam metal roofs for example are covered with a kynar coating or coated with the kind of coating that prevents that UV ray from getting in so they’re much more energy efficient than your standard roof as well.

[Sean] And they can also prevent the patina that some metals get if people don’t like that look they don’t have to have because of that coating.

[Cesar] Correct, so you see more of that patina on copper roofs is what standing seam metal roofs because of the kynar coating they don’t show that patina.

[Sean] Gotcha. Thank you so much Cesar. If you’d like to learn more about metal roofs or need any advice on roofing in general turn to Howard and Sons at 619- 343-2228 or you can always find them on ApprovedHomePros.com/Howard