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Storage Solutions for Every Room

Organization and storage solutions are for more than just your closet space. Classy Closets can help you use the space in your home better by designing organization systems. These systems can be implemented anywhere in your home from the garage to the media room!

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[Jordan] Getting organized around the house starts with having  a designed place to put things. So today, Kate from Classy Closets is here with ideas for storage around the home. Thanks so much for being with me

[Kate] Thanks for having me Jordan, I appreciate it.

[Jordan] You can really benefit from storage everywhere in the house, but today specifically we are talking about rooms that are not the closet So where are good ideas to build storage solutions?

[Kate] Pantries, garages with open doors or sliding doors, mud rooms are fun for kids We can do media centers, we can do bookshelves We can do wall beds, we can do built in home offices with wall beds So the guestroom isn’t just a bed in the middle of the room. And then you can’t use it for anything else.

[Jordan] So these solutions are a great for maximizing your space all over the home. Let’s dig into the media center because this is probably the hottest topic right now. And it’s probably my favorite to dig into because it’s a room with so many gadgets and appliances that need help.

[Kate] Well the big thing is that you see all the components. We can have those behind a solid door with a senor so you can actually use the remote when it’s shut Without ever having to open it and see the mess! Exactly, exactly. And it keeps the dust off them too. And we can do a modern style media center or we can do a more traditional wood stained style a lot of times now people are going modern with this high glass and style material and we can build it off the floor so it’s really clean and it’s basically all designed around the size of the T.V. which sometimes is ridiculous now as you probably know. But that’s where you probably start is the size of the T.V. and then everything else can follow And everything else follows around. And we can do floating shelves, we can do cabinets with glass shelves with lights in it for your knick knacks There’s so much. You can store kids toys in baskets behind doors because usually kids play in the family room

[Jordan] And that can keep it tidy and the kids can also put the stuff away because it’s down low.

[Kate] And they have access to it, which is a great way for the whole family to get involved in using this media center And being tidy.

[Jordan] And being tidy. I love it. Thank you so much, Kate. Build storage solutions that look great in your home and that work for your lifestyle all over the home Get started with your free consultation from Classy Closets today at 760-332-6466 Or find them on ApprovedHomePros.com. That’s 760-332-6466