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Start Off The New Year With A Home Maintenance Checklist

Performing regular, annual maintenance on your home can help save you money and stress in the future. We asked our experts what home maintenance tasks should be done every year to prevent damage. You can find the full checklist of home maintenance tasks here.

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Sean: It’s time to Ask an Expert, where we tackle every day home improvement topics to help you better understand your home. Today, I’m with resident expert Gregg Cantor from Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel and Bob Briley from We Care Plumbing, Heating, and Air.

Bob: How you doing?

Sean: Glad to have you guys here today. So, we’re talking annual home maintenance. Let’s start with one with one of the biggest areas that can cause damage; which is water intrusion, Gregg?

Gregg: Yes, and we’re getting a ton of rain this year already so it’s really a good time to have your roof inspected, sump pumps, which is a pump that pumps water out like in basements and even yard drainage, rain gutters those kind of things should really be checked out.

Sean: Because, water getting into your home can cause more damage than just about anything else. Where there any other ways that water get in the home you might want to think about?

Bob: Well yeah, definitely could have plants that are too close to your house, the water gets into the plants and actually will start seeping into your house. Also, you don’t want plants close to your house, you don’t want rodents to go up on your roof or get into any entrances.

Sean: Or when it dries out for fire.

Bob: Fire is huge. Especially when the season’s going to be coming you want to clear back a huge area off your house so that way the fireman can get in there and do what needs to be done.

Sean: So, as is with water, anything that could be an intrusion definitely the roof, if you don’t know the last time your roof was inspected, it’s too long ago, get it inspected, right?

Gregg: Absolutely.

Sean: Let’s move on from water to more structural things. What are some areas people need to–

Bob: Termites. Termites are huge. I mean, there is no season for termites, termites are always here and they’re always going to be attacking your house, so you need to have a professional come out and start looking through your house and make sure there is no damage, or potential damage.

Sean: Is that the same kind of rule as with roof inspections, if you don’t know the last time you got one, it’s time to get one?

Bob: Yes, definitely. Over time nails start backing out, staples start backing out, and they start protruding through the paper, the paper barrier is actually what protects your roof. And you want to make sure that is not ripped or torn.

Sean: And Gregg, most companies, and definitely in our network, they’re going to offer the termite inspections also roofers, roof inspections free.

Gregg: For sure. I mean, you can get an inspection and then I recommend just having annual check-ups and what do you have to lose?

Bob: Cheap insurance.

Sean: Exactly. What are some other things that can protect the structure of the home?

Bob: Well, in the long run, you definitely want to have your heating and air conditioning checked also, because there could be a potential fire danger, if something doesn’t work properly.

Sean: Lastly, let’s talk about safety quickly. What are some safety tips, Gregg?

Gregg: Well, definitely check your shut off, your main water shut off. That should be checked annually because if you do get a leak and you can’t turn off the water, you’re in trouble.

Sean: And also changing batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors is a huge thing.

Bob: It’s huge. A lot of codes now are requiring a ten-year battery. So they’re not a serviceable battery, it’s actually a fire, or smoke detector that goes in that’s a ten-year lifespan.

Sean: So I know that we’re going to have this full list of all of these things, these plus many, many more available for people to be able to get on ApprovedHomePros.com So to get this full list of annual home maintenance tips, log into ApproveHomePros.com in the show extra section.