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Selecting The Right Pots & Planters For Your Yard

Colorful pots and planter containers are a great way to add accent features to create a beautiful outdoor space. Thompson Building Materials shares how to know which pots to choose for your yard.

Details On “Selecting The Right Pots & Planters For Your Yard”

Jordan: Colorful pots and planter containers are a great way to put the accent features that you need for a beautiful backyard transformation. So I’m here at Thompson Building Materials with Meredith Farrell, one of our design consultants. And she’s helping me figure out how we know which pots to take home. So, you have such a selection here. Where do we start? Color, shape, size? 

Meredith: All of that actually, we have a very wide selection of inventory that we have on hand. And that is actually always evolving, so whether you see something that you like today or maybe don’t have what you’re looking for, we get new inventory all the time.

Jordan: I love it. 

Meredith: So that’s something to keep in mind, but yes, one thing that we would ask you is where do you plan on using this container? What type of area are you looking to fill in and accent with? 

Jordan: Because size makes a really big difference- 

Meredith: Definitely. 

Jordan: when it comes to these planter pots, a larger one such as this one, you know with a tall plant in it can help you add some privacy– 

Meredith: Certainly. 

Jordan: if there’s a space you want to fill in. 

Meredith: Certainly. 

Jordan: And then maybe a smaller one is a great opportunity to add a pop of color to kind of a barren corner.

Meredith: Right, or your front porch, your back porch, just a lot of people that are doing the drought tolerant yards want to add some color into that type of landscape as well, so that’s a really nice feature that you can get into that. 

Jordan: So my favorite part about this, is of course, that these are movable. You can, if you get sick of it in one corner, you can move it somewhere else. And if you move homes you can take it with you. 

Meredith: Absolutely, so that is a really nice feature of these containers, is that whether you’re an older couple looking to downsize, or you’re a younger couple that may be renting your first home. The pots are still a way that you can, an affordable way that you can add some- 

Jordan: Yeah. 

Meredith: interest to your landscape and your yard, but not have it be permanent fixture, where if you want to move in a year or two that can certainly go with you. 

Jordan: So what if, even though you have such a large selection here, what if I don’t find that perfect one for what I’m thinking I need? 

Meredith: We do actually offer, a custom line of pottery, that we can have fabricated in our Fontana location. Its from our sister company which is Valori Precast. 

Jordan: Wow. 

Meredith: So it’s a precast concrete product. That basically the sky’s the limit. Any size, any color, most any color. And then we offer that in three different finishes. 

Jordan: Wow. 

Meredith: So you can basically custom design your own plant containers. 

Jordan: Which is so cool. And some of these are quite large, so delivery? 

Meredith: Some of these are quite large and quite heavy, some of them are very lightweight, like we talked about being able to move them indoors and out easily. But some of these larger clay, glazed clay products are quite heavy and we do offer delivery. So regardless of where you are in the county we can get them to you. 

Jordan: Thanks Meredith. So head to Thompson today. There is a wide selection of colorful pots and these beautiful accent features to finish off your backyard transformation. Visit Thompson today, just five miles, outside of downtown, off the 94 freeway.