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Selecting the Right Paint Brush

Selecting the Right Paint Brush

There are so many paint brush options, how do you know which one you need for your project? Even with top quality paint, great prep and a clear painting plan, you can ruin a project if you don’t select the right tools for the job. Because there is no such thing as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ paint brush, picking the right paint brush is one of the real secrets to a great paint job.

Types of Paint Brushes

Paint brushes come in a variety of sizes and qualities. The more expensive the brush, the more bristles it has, which helps them stay in place.

Brushes come in natural or synthetic fibers. Natural brushes, often labeled ‘china bristle’ are used for oil paint and solvent-thinned finishes, while synthetic brushes are the best choice for latex paint and water-based finishes.

Choosing the Right Paint Brush Shape

The shape of the brush is also important for creating the perfect paint job. When you think of painting with a brush, a flat brush is usually what comes to mind. Flat brushes can cover large areas quickly, but are still small enough to maneuver easily.

Brushes cut on an angle are called trim brushes. Ranging in width between one and two inches, these brushes are perfect for painting trims and moldings.

Finally, stain brushes are shorter and wider than a flat brush, but still have a flat edge. The shorter, wider bristle arrangement helps to prevent dripping, which makes them ideal for painting with delicate stains.

In addition to paint brushes, rollers also have a place in your painting arsenal. Rollers are much more effective than brushes for covering large walls, and leave a smooth finish. Rollers come in cardboard core or hard core options.

No matter what paint brushes you’re using, maintain the longevity of your investment by keeping them clean and dry when not in use.

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