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Selecting Building Materials For A Home Remodel

Thompson Building Materials gives a tour of their materials yard and explains how homeowners can find inspiration for a home remodel. Their materials yard is a great resource for homeowners to see the options that are available when selecting materials to put into their home.

Details On “Selecting Building Materials For A Home Remodel”

Jordan: You may have seen Thompson Building Materials off the 94 freeway just a couple miles outside of downtown for its big materials yard, and that’s what you might see as you drive by, but there is so much more here and how it can help you as a homeowner. So I’m checking it out with Derek Pritchett, the general manager, and Derek, why don’t you just tell me why the materials yard on its own is a resource, because we’ve talked to Thompson about the beautiful showroom before, and we know that it’s built like a house, and it can essentially guide you through a home improvement process, but these materials out here in bulk can also be really inspiring.

Derek: Absolutely, the killer selection that’s available, and the type of materials that we have. The showroom’s great, it allows people to experience the materials as they would be in their own home, and then they come out to the yard, and they actually select the materials. We’ve got a wide assortment of different bricks from different brick manufacturers from across the nation. Natural stone, you see the pallets and pallets of natural stone we have out here. So they come out here, and they pick the pallets, maybe they have more color, more darker colors, more lighter colors, whatever they’re looking for.

Jordan: Because as we know, stone is not, natural stone is not manufactured to look a certain way. 

Derek: Right.

Jordan: What you get from the quarry is what you get from the quarry.

Derek: Mother Nature. 

Jordan: You can custom pick your own pieces. 

Derek: We can pull them out to a certain extent. We don’t pull out one piece out from every pallet. But yeah, there is a number of pallets to select from. We have a large selection of cobbles and decorative rock for dry river beds for drought-tolerant landscapes. We have a huge selection of manufactured board, manufactured stone and brick boards up on display, and it really just gives us kind of a color road to go down, so it is a color palette for the homeowner to select, and texture, color and texture. 

Jordan: So anything you’re not seeing kind of in bulk here in the materials yard is basically on display in these boards that we’re talking about.

Derek: Absolutely. 

Jordan: It helps us guide towards color and different materials that you might be choosing. As you can see, there are hundreds of choices. How does Thompson help us narrow down?

Derek: We start off with understanding what your project is, and the type of material that is going to be required for that project. Make sure you get the right product for that installation, and then it’s a matter of color and texture. Are you looking for brick, or are you looking for stone? Then it’s just how clean or rough, or maybe you want rustic, or the different styles or aesthetics, and we’ve got it from A to Z. Whatever it is, we’ve got it covered. 

Jordan: I love it, and of course, the designers at Thompson can help you pair with other items, so that’ll help you narrow down your choices even further to get to the perfect selection for you. 

Derek: Absolutely. 

Jordan: So visit Thompson off the 94 freeway. It’s just five miles outside of downtown. It’s open to the public, and it can be very inspiring for your next home improvement project.