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Seasonality Of Home Improvements

Many home improvement trades have a natural busy season and a natural slow season. It’s normal! And it can make a big difference for you as a consumer when it comes to how much you pay and how quickly your job can get started. Our experts explain how to use contractor seasonality to your benefit. Check out our list of Seasonal Home Improvement Trades.

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Sean: Now it’s time to Ask an Expert, where we tackle everyday home improvement topics to help you better understand your home. Today I’m with Gregg Cantor, our resident expert from Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel, and J.R. from All Seasons Windows and Patios. Thanks for joining us for the segment today guys.

J.R.: You’re welcome.

Sean: So today Gregg, we’re talking about seasonality in contracting and the trades. First of all, what is seasonality?

Gregg: Well, seasonality is certain trades like roofing, outdoor living, where there’s peak times of the year where they’re busy and other times people just, it’s not top of mind to do those type of improvements.

Sean: So it’s the flow of business for that particular trade. Outdoor living is one that was mentioned. Are there any other trades that this applies to, can you think of any?

J.R.: Maybe landscaping.

Gregg: Heating and air conditioning, electrical.

J.R.: Roofing.

Sean: Roofing, air conditioning in the summer time is one that’s very busy. Roofing, winter time is the high season for that, because of the rains and everything, correct?

Gregg: Right.

Sean: So with the seasonality, J.R., let’s drill down on outdoor living. What are the benefits of going with a company during their slower time? For example, with you guys, what’s the benefits?

J.R.: Well, first off, you can get your project done a lot faster, the manufacturer’s that manufacture all our products that we buy from aren’t as busy so they’re not as backed up, we can get the product much sooner and get you installed a lot–

Gregg: So there’s not a waiting list like there would be during your peak times.

J.R.: Correct.

Sean: So speed of the project. Also, I would assume with not as much happening, you might get more attention on your project, because the more people are able to work on it–

J.R.: That would be a good point too and we can also then pass on any savings that the manufacturers kick back during their slow season as well.

Sean: So pricing can be, you can get lower prices in the off season.

J.R. Absolutely, yeah.

Sean: Is that something that people can take advantage of?

Gregg: Definitely and I think everybody wants a good price, but with caution just to make sure you’re getting good value, good quality. Just comparing the prices from one to the other so that you make sure that one isn’t just low balling.

Sean: Right, so you always want to make sure that you’re going with the right company. So you want to go with an Approved Home Pro for sure, but if you’re sure it’s a good company, knowing the seasonality can give you an advantage. I know we’re going to have a list of the seasonality on ApprovedHomePros.com, in the show extras section, but I think the smart thing for people to do would be to know when the high season is, know when the low season is, and plan around it and buy low.

J.R.: That’s right.

Gregg: I agree, unless you need some serious repairs and then don’t wait.

Sean: Absolutely, if you have more questions or want to hear more from our experts, log onto ApprovedHomePros.com and our Ask an Expert section.