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Say Goodbye to High Electric Bills with this Offer

Summer has finally come to San Diego and temperatures aren’t the only thing that’s going to be rising. This summer electric bills will be higher than ever, which means now is the time to go solar. Find out the amazing offer that SunPower by Milholland Electric is promising new customers.

Details on ‘Summer Offer’­

[Jordan] When you take on home improvements things are bound to go wrong at some point, it’s just the nature of the work, so it’s really important to work with a reputable contractor who wants to take responsibility and help make sure that your home improvements go smoothly. So, I’m really excited today talk to Brian Milholland from SunPower By Milholland because you guys have an incredible offer to help people who are trying to go solar. Tell me what that is.

[Brian] Sure, so when people go solar they sign the contract and then we kind of go silent. We start working on permits, we start working on design and then the homeowner has some anxiety- like when is it going to get t in place? When is it going to turn down? When am I gonna stop paying electric bills? So this summer we’re gonna pay their electric bills for two months after they sign the contract, so from the minute they sign the contract to go solar, even before the system is turned on they no longer have to worry about their utility bill for electricity.

[Jordan] Which is huge! That’s a big source of contention over the summer.

[Brian] Of course.

[Jordan] And then it’s you know real peace of mind knowing that it’s gonna be taken care of because you’re on the hook now.

[Brian] Yeah it relieves their anxiety about how long is this going to take.

[Jordan] What’s happening are they really going to get finished, you know, and again when am I gonna stop paying that electric bill?

[Brian] So, we’re gonna allow them to stop paying their electric bill as soon as they decide to go solar with SunPower by Milholland.

[Jordan] So, why is it important for you as a company to have created this initiative?

[Brian] Well, when I started my business 30 years ago. I had a person down the street for me who needed some electrical work done and they had another company not so reputable come over and told him you know they’ve got to rewire their entire house- it’s gonna cost him a lot of money and I said you know what, I don’t like that. I don’t like that type of work so I’m going to start my own business. So, that I can help people like that so they don’t have to worry about getting ripped off and that’s that’s why it’s important to me.

[Jordan] Yeah, they don’t have to worry about getting ripped off, they don’t have to worry about their electric bills anymore because you’re really taking the worry out of it and taking the responsibility, which is so exciting! There’s so many ways to get connected with Milholland to get started. You have a design center up in Poway but also this summer you’re gonna be at the fair. Tell me about that.

[Brian] Oh yeah,  we’ve got a nice booth at the fair. We talk about solar, you can come on down and talk to our Energy Consultants about time-of-use rates you can talk about energy storage and see if there’s a solution that fits for you, even if you already have solar but you still have an electric bill we can help you out.

[Jordan] And of course that’s another no stress environment because all you want to do is take the worry out of all of it give everybody a break who’s worried about electric bills. So thank you so much, Brian. Get started with SunPower by Milholland today. Call them at 619-320-7373 or find them at the San Diego County Fair