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SawStop Safety Demonstration

It can be very rewarding to build something for your home, but safety needs to come first. Rockler Woodworking demonstrates how the SawStop can eliminate injuries by stopping it’s blade as soon as it senses your hand. This safety feature allows you to enjoy woodworking with peace of mind.

Details About “SawStop Safety Demonstration”

Sean: It can incredibly rewarding to build something for your home, but safety absolutely needs to come first. Mike Durlack from Rockler Woodworking & Hardware is here to introduce us to a safer way to use a saw. Mike, it’s great to have you on the show today.

Mike: Thanks. It’s great to be here.

Sean: Yeah. We’ve had you on many times, and I’ve actually seen this demo before, but it is really amazing for safety. A table saw is a dangerous thing. We’re going to show people how, this one isn’t, with a critical demo in a second. But how dangerous can table saws be?

Mike: Regrettably table saws, power tools, can be very dangerous if not handled correctly. And one of the things that this saw does is mitigate the possibility of an injury. There’s over, every nine minutes there’s an accident with a table saw. Every day there’s ten amputations.

Sean: Wow

Mike: With a table saw, and that’s way too many.

Sean: And people love to have saws in their home to be able to do work on home improvement or different things. Woodworking projects. Now this saw is one that it’s quality; as well as safe. So this is just a great quality saw, in addition to the safety?

Mike: Absolutely. That’s the first thing when we brought the saw on board I looked for was how well does the saw work? In case I never had to use that safety feature, I want a good saw.

Sean: Well speaking of the safety feature, let’s turn it on and show people because with this, we’re going to be able to put our hand, if we wanted to. We’re not going to put our hands, we’re going to put this hot dog into the blade, and the blade is actually going to stop. Correct?

Mike: Absolutely. It’s going to stop at five milliseconds; which is a hundred times faster than your car’s air bag.

Sean: Let’s turn it on, and take a look.

Mike: Alright.

(saw starts)

(sawing board)

Sean: Whoa!

Mike: That was fast.

Sean: That was fast. So the saw actually, the second it touched the hot dog, it stopped instantaneously, and went below the surface?

Mike: Yeah. What it does is, it sets off an electrical field on the blade, When it sensors senses the difference between my body, and the electrical field, once I disturb that, because I was touching the hot dog. You set off that safety circuit. And that fired the cartridge, Now it didn’t stop it, what it takes to blow the top would be the sauce, So if I accidentally was walking in my garage, or you and a family member, and you fell forward onto that, you wouldn’t get hurt.

Sean: Now it’s important for people to know that, we just did this demo here. Table saws, not all of them come equipped with a saw stopper. So make sure you don’t put your hand or anything anywhere near a table saw. That’s very important. This table saw is available at Rockler Woodworking & Hardware?

Mike: Yes. It is.

Sean: And the price difference between this and a normal table saw is not much different. Given the value that it gives for safety is a huge and worthwhile investment.

Mike: Yeah. The average saw like this is going to be $6oo to $700 and this one is going to be about $1299.

Sean: Thanks Mike.