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Save Your Furniture and View with the CoolVu Film

Protect your furniture without compromising your view with CoolVu Film! Available exclusively from NU-VUE Window Films, this new transitional window film darkens only when the sun hits it. Tune in to see for yourself!

Details on ‘CoolVu Film’

[Sean] If you’ve been considering window films but are afraid you might lose your view or they could be too dark we have a solution. Gregg McKay is here from Nu-Vue Window Films to show us what that solution. So tell us about what we have here today.

[Gregg] Well Sean this is our brand new film this is a state of the art game-changing film for our industry. It’s a transitional film so it goes from very light to very dark so transitional and going light to dark is that similar to the glasses.

[Sean] So it reacts to the Sun I’m assuming. Then is there a demonstration that can show people what that looks like so we can start to really understand it.

[Gregg] So I have a UV light here which is shooting out the UV rays representing the Sun coming through the windows and I have one of our CoolVu films right here. Okay and as you can see on the demo here I’ll lift this up and you can see the difference in the film.

[Sean] Oh wow that is amazing, yeah tremendously darker where the Sun has been hitting it and lighter where it’s not. So what’s gonna happen when let’s say a June gloom kind of a day here at San Diego?

[Gregg] Your windows are gonna stay very light and you’re gonna be able to see and you won’t be restricted at all and that’s the bonus on this film is its when you need it and it’s not there when you don’t need it there the sacrifices you might get have with this in terms of UV protection or heat now all of our films are gonna have a ninety-nine percent UV protection on them so that will help protect your furnishings from fading and we can get up to 65 percent of the heat being rejected.

[Sean] That’s amazing- that’s the reason I chose to go with window films you put window films in my home, loved them since you put him in they’ve really changed our whole life and that particular part of the house and those rooms but I got to tell you you were holding out of me man- I would have wanted this! Why didn’t I get this?

[Gregg] Well I wish I had it back when we did your house originally but we just got the exclusivity for San Diego County with this product so we are the only ones that carry it.

[Sean] And you personally if somebody calls and requests that you will go and do the estimate for somebody. I will personally come out and consult with any of the homeowners

[Sean] That’s marvelous because you have a variety of solutions that are available and you’re gonna guide people to what’s right for them, this might be the right solution but there might be some other ones yes and we have several other films that if this is not the right fit we have other films that will meet their match. That’s why we recommend you to everybody. Thank you. Get your CoolVu films from Nu-Vue Window Films. Call them today at 619-663-3664 or find them and other top pros at ApprovedHomePros.com