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San Diego’s Best Pro Finder

Finding the right contractor to work on your home should be free and easy. That’s why Approved Home Pros was created and continues to provide a service for the San Diego community.

Details On “San Diego’s Best Pro Finder”

Jordan: When you don’t know where to turn for home improvements or repairs Approved Home Pros has you covered. So today I’m here with our co-founder Sean Johnson. So excited to talk about this, because Approved Home Pros has been putting people at ease for years now. Home improvements are really scary. What did we find, how do people feel?

Sean: I think they often feel vulnerable, unsure, unsafe because it’s not something people do on a regular basis. You don’t deal with a contractor more than a few times in your life normally for any given trade. So they feel vulnerable I think, and uneasy.

Jordan: And there’s so much room for being taken advantage of, and unfortunately you hear those horror stories all the time. So Approved Home Pros of course has a better way.

Sean: Absolutely, it’s our Pro Finder service. So you can go online anytime, it’s totally free. And you put in the category you’re looking for and you’re going to find the pros that we’ve screen and vetted and recommend. And there’s choice, we allow up to three companies per category, but it’s not an overwhelming choice. So it’s not like we drive 50 companies up with the same rating. So it’s easy to use, it’s safe, it’s free, and we don’t collect your personal information, which I think is a big key.

Jordan: I love that too because you the homeowner, you at home are in the power seat the entire time when it comes to finding a pro when you use Approved Home Pros. Because you only have to submit us your contact information if you have a question that you need us to answer for you.

Sean: Yeah or you want to join Home Pro Connection, our newsletter. But a lot of the other companies, the other services they collect your personal data so they can sell it to contractors, and you get bombarded by calls and emails and that’s the way we operate.

Jordan: No, and that will never happen here with Approved Home Pros. But of course the pros you will find have all been screen and vetted. Tell me a bit about that process.

Sean: Our screening and vetting process is the same one we’ve been using since our founding and it was established by top contractors in the marketplace. And we look at everything from licensing insurance, all the different things that are required. The main thing though is you have to be voted in unanimously by our existing membership. And the existing members are experts that know who’s doing things right and who’s doing things wrong because they see it in the field.

Jordan: Absolutely the best of the business here in San Diego on the ground see and know the work of the other best in San Diego.

Sean: And we find when people use the Pro-Finder service, they feel at ease, they feel relaxed and they can feel confident in that home improvement, which is the way you should feel.

Jordan: And of course we’re so confident about Approved Home Pros, we guarantee it.

Sean: Absolutely, we stand behind our pros. We guarantee that you’re going to have a good experience with a company we recommend, or we’ll step in to help make it right.

Jordan: So no matter what it is that you need for your home you can turn to Approved Home Pros and use our Pro-Finder to find the product, service, or repair that you’re looking for.