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Restoring Memories with Paint

When you have a historic home, the last thing you want to do is alter the history of it. 360 Painting San Diego understands the importance of preserving a home and works to restore the memories with paint. Learn how they work to bring your home a new life, while maintaining the past.

Details on ‘Restoring Memories with Paint’

[Jordan] Painting is a great way to transform your home and create a new feel but it’s also a great way to maintain your home so today I’m here in historic Mission Hills with Debbie from 360 painting where we’re talking all about really maintaining the feel of this home tell me the story.

[Debbie] This is one of our favorite projects we’ve ever done so this house the room that we’re actually standing in now was originally built around 1875 and since then it’s been added on to and the owner has lived in this current home now for decades raised a family here and she’s downsizing so the daughter’s taking it over and the big thing they want to do is preserve this story. There’s so many stories in these walls so much history for me and you  can see it as you go through the home and they wanted colors that kind of represented just the traditional approach of  the home and we actually preserved a lot of the work- it was not a full restoration it was really more of a preservation.

[Jordan] So, let’s talk about what that means if you’re preserving kind of the work and you’re refinishing exactly furbishing what’s already been here what goes into that?

[Debbie] So for example like the walls they definitely wanted us to clean them but they didn’t want us to strip them and start over again so you see the imperfections you see some of it just the story of the home so the floors were done to match the original color of the walls and fortunately we have enough history on the home that we know the story about it which is so cool because this has actually been in their family for so many years so we actually know the family that was here before that and the connection and they know what’s going on but I like we were saying they’re not starting from scratch they wanted to preserve the feelings of when she was a young girl living in the home and now exactly her children here and exactly drain throughout the house and it’s so much history being preserved.

[Jordan] What’s it feel like as 360 painting to be part of that see?

[Debbie] We absolutely love this this is actually being a part of a story we’ve talked about that before every single person has a story and we love being able to come in here and she actually had a designer that came in and helped with the colors but our experience with the products there was a lot of old paint on the wall, so you have to really understand how to deal with oil-based paints and some of the old finishes on wood so that has been really fun for us to work through.

[Jordan] And then of course you guys have the skills with which to do that?

[Debbie] Absolutely your team has decades and decades of experience and you know they’ve worked on all different kinds of projects. We have guys that have done commercial work so they’re a little bit better with the production painting and we have people that have done faux finishes and custom wood work so we have a great team of people

[Jordan] so if you need to preserve the memory in your home or transform your home with new paint 360 painting can cover all your bases find them today on Approved Home Pros