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Replace Your AC at an Affordable Price

Replacing your AC can seem like a a huge project that will break your bank. Luckily, We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air is here to tell you replacing your AC is affordable and easy! Discover the amazing deals and low prices that are available today.

Details on ‘Replace Your AC at an Affordable Price’

[Jordan] There’s nothing worse than having your HVAC system break down in the middle of the summer heat so today Bob Briley from We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air is here to talk to me about the benefits of getting a new HVAC system thanks for being with me today well let’s start

[Bob] first of all a brand new system you’re gonna get peace of mind because it’s going to work right the system is going to work we’re gonna set it up we’re gonna make sure it operates properly so every time you go ahead and flip that switch on the system is going to come on for you which is really important because that’s the entire key of wanting to have AC and some are almost uncomfortable so these systems that are a bit older

[Jordan] what are the problems we can run into and how do we know

[Bob] well you’re gonna start systems are gonna last anywhere between 10 and 14 years I mean then your efficiency level starts to drop you’re gonna start having issues with it gonna be throwing money at it you’d be band-aiding the situation and you’re really not going to get the full uses out your old system eventually you’re gonna be putting more money into it than when you could have invested into a new system

[Jordan] so that cost of ownership just gets a little too high you’re over the threshold

[Bob] yes the benefit then of also going to the new system you’re gonna save money in just how it runs because they’re more efficient right yeah I mean to put it in miles-per-gallon terms older systems got horrible miles per gallon the brand-new systems get great miles per gallon right

[Jordan] so that’s you know the cost of using it regularly

[Bob] correct

[Jordan] do you think a lot of people put off it is a large purchase to replace your HVAC system

[Bob] you have to consider the whole package of price because you’re gonna save in the long run how do you how does week air guide people towards that yeah we don’t really call it a purchase we call it an investment because you’re investing in yourself you’re investing in your home and your best in your comfort of your family

[Jordan] which absolutely it is you want to be comfortable you want to enjoy your home and your lifestyle and if you’re hot at home it’s the absolute word

[Bob] yes definitely

[Jordan] so you have to consider all of those price factors but there’s so many systems out there how do you choose which one the best is

[Bob] I have more compromise that come out we’re gonna sit down with you first and we’re just gonna go over what are your expectations what are you looking for what’s your term the hell you gonna be in the house what’s your comfort level you want you know there’s a lot of different variables it’s not just you know Chuck on a truck throw in a system and say here here’s your air conditioner good luck with it no we really want to cater to your needs and design the system actually around

[Jordan] right I mean if I really prefer my house to be a frigid icebox I might need a more powerful system than if I just want to keep it around 75

[Bob] exactly and how often do you use your system and all

[Jordan] are there any special offers out there

[Bob] check our website there’s a there specials every month specials every month

[Jordan] and of course we’ll have those for you on approved home pros comm as well so don’t get stuck with a broken HVAC system this summer we care plumbing heating and air can help replace your system and an affordable cost call them today at six one nine three three three eight six four six