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Repairs Covered By Insurance

Working with insurance companies for home repairs is something many people often have questions about. It can be hard to know who your advocate is in this situation. We asked our experts from Christian Brothers Restoration and Murray Lampert Design, Build Remodel what you need to know about getting these repairs done through insurance. Do you have a question for our experts? You can ask here! 

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Sean: Now it’s time to Ask An Expert, where we tackle everyday home improvement topics to help you better understand your home. Today I’m with Gregg Cantor, our Resident Expert from Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel, and Joel Matthews from Christian Brothers Emergency Building Services. Now Gregg, you had some questions from people in the audience about working with insurance companies for repairs, common question?

Gregg: Happens all the time.

Sean: Now it’s an area there’s a lot of nuance, that’s why we wanted to have you come in, Joel you work exclusively with insurance claims, that’s kind of what your company does, correct?

Joel: Yeah, for the most part, yeah absolutely.

Sean: Now is this an area where there is a danger or a risk or some special area that you have knowledge about that people don’t on their own?

Joel: Yeah 100%, just because we have worked with insurance companies for so long, there’s a bunch of different nuances, you really want to make sure you have a contractor that’s familiar with just kind of how to navigate that specific insurance restoration side of the business.

Sean: Now what kind of claims are we talking about, is it floods, fires, are those the two most common things?

Joel: For the most part yeah, but it can be really any type of emergency related scenario that you have at your home. Tree falls on a roof, god forbid a fire situation, water related, really any incident that’s kind of sudden and accidental that you don’t prepare for.

Sean: I think people worry about who is their advocate in the situation, and how to know that they’re getting treated the right way.

Gregg: For sure, and it’s really a specialty, not just any general contractor. We get calls for insurance work and we do not take them, because it requires someone that knows how to price, and works with the insurance companies, and knows how to handle it.

Sean: Because there are specific verbiages and ways to work with an insurance company and get what you need, but if you don’t know those you may not end up with the right outcome, is that correct?

Joel: Yeah, you can come across that. The biggest thing is their specific pricing program and softwares that you need to make sure that you’re familiar with, how to deal with an adjuster, supplemental bids, there’s a lot of things that if it’s just a general contractor, which he could be very amazing at what he does, if he’s not familiar with this type of work, really quickly he can run into issues, and then the homeowner’s the one that usually suffers the most.

Sean: Okay, and you work with your insurance company, they recommend companies for you to work with, you can hire whoever you want, and I do recommend if somebody is not comfortable with who they’ve been recommended, they can go to Christian Brothers, correct?

Joel: Yeah absolutely.

Sean: Thank you so much. If you have questions for our experts, or want to see more information and previous questions, visit ApprovedHomePros.com and our Ask An Expert section.