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Repair or Replace Garage Doors

Like so many other home improvement projects, how do you when to replace or repair? Empire Garage Doors and Gates is here to help by discussing common garage door repair problems and issues that call for a replacement.

Details on ‘When to Repair or Replace the Garage Door’

[Jordan] Hi, I’m Jordan Fraser here with Jared Willard from Empire Garage Doors and Gates to help us learn when it’s time to repair or replace our garage doors. Thanks for coming in today!

[Jared] Thanks for having us.

[Jordan] Garage doors having so many moving pieces and moving parts that can fail over time. What would I see as a homeowner as a common issue?

[Jared] All you have to do is pay attention to your garage door. If you see something that looks off, cracked, broken that’s one thing but also garage doors put off audible sounds that draw your attention like squeaking or rubbing. So, if you can’t see the problem or if you hear the problem then call a professional, call us.

[Jordan] Call a professional, of course and there’s so many parts that it can be dangerous moving those things around. When you say look at my garage doors, is it like I’ll see a crack? Is it like all home improvements projects across the board that I want to catch these things early?

[Jared] You want to definitely try but a lot of them time, people don’t draw attention to it unless something doesn’t work. So, as it soon as it doesn’t work then they start paying attention! Then at that point, inspect your garage door, see if you see anything and call us. We can troubleshoot over the phone with you, give you some advise and set up an appointment to come out and take care of the problem.

[Jordan] I love that because helping someone over the phone with what might be a very simple solution, say if something is blocking your sensor and it can be a really easy thing to fix and that way everyone is saving a bunch of time and we want to make sure things are easy for homeowners out there. So, I love that that is part of your mission as well. What are some of the components in the garage door system that are common to failure?

[Jared] There’s two really big failures, one is the spring system which is the counterbalance that allows the motor to open and close. Those traditionally can break, they’re rated for 10,000 cycles and everyone uses their garage door as their front door so that door goes up and down all day long. The other common scenario is that someone puts something underneath the garage door and it throws the system off and it gets really crooked, so you’re kind of stuck and you definitely need a professional to come out and fix that.

[Jordan] I love that because those are just different pieces that Empire can help you take care of. Whether you need to repair or replace, Empire is just one call away. Call them at 619-354-1480.