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Protect Your Home From Fire

Fire is one of the top security risks a home can face, especially in California. Knight Security discusses fire protection and the steps you can take to protect your home and family.

Details On “Protect Your Home From Fire”

Jordan: Fire is one of the top dangers a home can face. So today I am joined by security expert Richard Mates from Knight Security and Fire System. Richard, this is huge. Thanks for joining me today. 

Richard: Exactly. Thank you. 

Jordan: What do homeowners need to know about fire? 

Richard: Well, fire is as you say, the biggest danger they could have in their house, the biggest loss of life. So when we talk about home security, it’s not just burglar alarms, it’s fire. 

Jordan: So what is the difference between a professional fire monitoring system and those alarms that you get at the big box store? 

Richard: The big word you just said, monitoring. When our fire alarms activate, they not only alert the family, they also signal us to dispatch the fire department. So they get automatic fire dispatch. Their insurance company is happy about it and gives them discounts on their homeowners policy every year, forever. So it’s a great savings and protects the family. 

Jordan: Right, so if these alarms go off it’s calling your office which is 24 hours a day, right? 

Richard: Exactly. So during the day where you’re at work, you’re off shopping, your home is empty. If these activate, we know about it and the fire department is dispatched automatically.

Jordan: So does that mean you can get rid of the alarms that you have from the big box store that are just typically on the ceiling in every room?

Richard: Those little guys you actually, it’s optional. But the one’s that are 110 Volt put in when the home was built, they have to remain by building code. So you end up with both detectors which simply makes a home safer. 

Jordan: Great. So how does Knight Security come out and you know… You guys monitor my home and I always feel so safe. It’s so great. From fire and security. From both sides of the spectrum. But how do you build a system for each home and determine where everything’s going to go?

Richard: Exactly like I did with you. We sat down in your living room and I got an understanding of your life. How people flow, who comes in and out. So that the system is easy to operate. If there’s kids, you have dogs, you have housekeepers that come in at off hour. We design it around those ideas. And what doors you use, what windows you want open at night. So the alarm system fits you. You don’t have to adjust for the alarm. 

Jordan: And of course the fire system is just built in to go with that. Thanks Richard. 

Richard: You’re welcome.

Jordan: And when you go with Knight Security you get 10% off up to $500 when you mention Approved Home Pros. So do what I did and get peace of mind with professional security and fire system from Knight Security. Call 619-797-6603 to get all of your questions answered. You can find Knight Security and other top Pros at ApprovedHomePros.com