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Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Just like a car and major appliances, your plumbing needs regular maintenance to help prevent large problems in the future. Black Mountain Plumbing shares quick and simple preventative plumbing tips.

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Sean: Just like a car and major appliances, your plumbing needs routine maintenance to help prevent large problems in the future. Scott Ferrell from Black Mountain Plumbing is here with preventative plumbing tips for the new year. Scott, glad to have you today.

Scott: Thanks.

Sean: So what are some preventative plumbing things that people might want to do to prevent problems for them in the new year? What do you recommend?

Scott: Number one: just make sure you monitor the pressure that’s coming into your house.

Sean: Okay, so the water pressure in your home. It can vary at large amounts?

Scott: Oh, yeah. It can vary by a hundred pounds.

Sean: And just high pressure, what’s the problem with that?

Scott: Everything in your house, for the most part, is not even rated for above 80 pounds.

Sean: Is that something you need a professional plumber to check or can an average homeowner do that themselves?

Scott: Most people could go to a home center like Ace Hardware and get a pressure gauge that would screw onto a hose bib and check it that way.

Sean: And do you check it multiple times during the day to see if it varies?

Scott: Yeah, I would check it at like a peak use time, maybe dinner time, and then I’d also check it like at midnight and see if it changes.

Sean: So it should never get above what number you said?

Scott: Should never get it above 80 pounds.

Sean: 80 pounds, that’s a great tip.

Scott: Should be about 55, 60 pounds would be perfect.

Sean: Okay, that’s a perfect range. That’s a great tip. Off camera, when we were preparing, you told me about a dye test, that I got to do this. Tell me about how that works, the dye test.

Scott: Super easy. Just get a little food coloring, couple drops of food coloring in the toilet tank.

Sean: Okay, the top tank.

Scott: Yep, take the lid off carefully, set it down carefully, put a couple drops of food coloring in there and just leave it sit just right in the water. If that water that turns color migrates from the tank to the bowl, then you have a leak at the flush valve.

Sean: So the water’s coming from the tank into the bowl, and if you have a stopped toilet, then it could just overflow?

Scott: Yeah. That means the water’s continually, you might hear a ghost fill sometimes because it’s draining out of the tank into the bowl. Hear a toilet kick on sometimes and you meant to take care of that, well, that’s going into your bowl and down the drain wasting water. But if that toilet was ever stopped up and you didn’t know it, it’s going to continue to fill until it runs out the front door of your house.

Sean: These are two great tips. Thank you so much, Scott. We love having you part of the network. Great, great resource for people. Also, Scott and Black Mountain Plumbing have a 10% offer up to $500 when you mention Approved Home Pros. So keep your plumbing in good shape all year long with just a little preventative maintenance. Call Black Mountain Plumbing today at 619-399-2203 and you can always find them and all the other top pros at ApprovedHomePros.com.