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Prevent Furniture & Floors From Fading

Window films are a quick and easy home upgrade with a major impact. Jordan shares how window films from Superior Window Solutions have impacted her home.

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Jordan: Window films are a quick and easy home upgrade that have a major impact. So today I am here with Virgil Ryan from Superior Window Solutions who recently installed films on my own home. I am so excited to catch up with you today. Thanks for joining me.

Virgil: Hi Jordan, good to see you again.

Jordan: Thanks, can you give a little recap of what we did at my house so everyone can get caught up?

Virgil: Yeah, we did what you would basically call a medium film. Right? Not too light, not too dark. Takes about half the heat and glare away, all the UV rays. And you pretty much forget that it’s there.

Jordan: I absolutely do. Once the installation was finished that’s the conversation you and I had was, “Virgil it feels really strange, you’re leaving my house everything looks the same. It’s almost like nothing’s different.” But now that I’ve had them a month and a half, that’s my favorite part about it, is that nothing’s different. I’m reaping all the benefits without any real changes to my home.

Virgil: Right, well that’s just it. You get the film on, you forget it’s there. We don’t want to change your glass we just want to change how it performs.

Jordan: Yeah, so I’m seeing the benefits. The whole reason I called you out the first time was my couch, I had put it near the window, I loved the way it was laid out but I was getting these big sun spots on the couch and I was afraid of fading and my wood floors were starting to fade and that was the main catalyst. But I’m reaping so many other benefits like heat transfer is being reduced through the window. Like you said, UV rays are being cut. But also, I’m getting a little privacy.

Virgil: Yeah you’ll find that you get more privacy you can leave the shades open you get more light and that’s a big one, too. You can actually get more light in your home after we put the film on because you’re leaving your shades and blinds open, because you don’t feel like you’re in a fishbowl. You’ll start using areas in your home that you haven’t used in awhile because it was either too hot or too cold or you felt like you know, it’s just not a great space. We will improve those spaces; make it more comfortable.

Jordan: I am a personal testament to that because I have moved my office into a space that I thought previously unusable. I’m no longer in the fishbowl. I’m leaving my curtains open so much longer because I don’t feel like people from the street are looking in and I am more comfortable in my own home.

Virgil: You bet, the heat and glare control is big one. Protecting your furniture, your artwork, your flooring, more privacy, enhanced glass strength, these are all great values that a quality film can provide.

Jordan: Thanks so much and you can have them at home too when you mention Approved Home Pros you will save 10%, up to $500. So get your free consultation to find out what window films can do for your home.