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Preparing Your Front Yard Courtyard for Summer

It’s officially spring, which means it’s the perfect time to redo your front yard courtyard and get it ready for summer! Learn how to create a front yard courtyard that you will actually want to use with System Pavers. 

Details on ‘Preparing Your Front Yard Courtyard for Summer’

[Jordan] When you drive through neighborhoods in Southern California, you’re likely to find beautiful homes with well-manicured lawns, but you’re not very likely to actually find people using those outdoor spaces. So today I’m here with System Pavers design consultant, Andrew Conlisk. Thanks for coming in and sharing how we can transform our front yard space to make it more usable.

[Andrew] Thanks for having us.

[Jordan] What are the key elements we would need to know to use that space?

[Andrew] Sure. So, with space in San Diego being at a premium, it’s very easy for homeowners to go about reclaiming their front yard. So whether it’s something as simple as a courtyard or patio area with a seating area, all the way to something as fun as, say, a fire pit or water feature. We can do that.

[Jordan] And it sound like they really, probably all go together quite well.

[Andrew] They absolutely do.

[Jordan] So let’s dig into each one. You’re going to be sitting in this beautiful outdoor space so we want to have a seating area. What would that really entail?

[Andrew] Sure, so I like to think of it more of a courtyard feel, because it still offers some of the privacy of the backyard but also allows you to enjoy your front yard in the space that maybe you didn’t think originally existed, and it gives you the opportunity to really interact with the neighborhood, get back to more the community feel that we always love.

[Jordan] Yeah, I love that fine line of having still some privacy because you can create boundaries with a courtyard, but see the neighbors walking by, say hi to people walking their dogs.

[Andrew] Exactly, exactly. Enjoy the sunset and again, just reclaim the front yard in a way that you never thought possible.

[Jordan] And how about these fire features and water features? How do they get integrated?

[Andrew] We’ve been seeing a huge uptake in people wanting to do some type of custom design fire pit in their front yard and to me, that’s awesome because that’s taking something that’s normally reserved for the backyard and bringing it out to the front yard and creating a whole secondary area that people can use, say, after the party ends in the backyard.

[Jordan] Ooh, a second area for the party, I like that! And to me, it really kind of blends the inside and outside together because if the fire pit and the water feature are outside, you can be outside enjoying them, or you could be inside with the windows open and still hear the ambiance.

[Andrew] Of course, so it kind of goes back to bringing the indoors out, going back to the water feature, whether it’s a focal point, again, just the ambiance noise of the trickling water, it really adds a lot to the curb appeal, so it’s something we really encourage in the front yards that we come across.

[Jordan] And very quickly, if someone is sounding like they have a front yard that they aren’t using to their maximum potential, how can System Pavers help?

[Andrew] All they need to do is call us up and we’ll come out and design a front yard for them.

[Jordan] Thanks so much. And of course, when you mention Approved Home Pros, you will save 20% on your entire remodel project. So call System Pavers today for your no-cost consultation at 619-312-6760, and you can always find them on ApprovedHomePros.com