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Plumbing Problems & Solutions

The holidays probably brought housefuls of people to your home – and often plumbing problems.  Now it’s time to fix those plumbing woes.


A good plunger is a must for both toilets and sinks, and should be tried and exhausted before resorting to other means. A plunger will resolve most clogs, especially in the toilet, when used properly. First be sure you have the correct plunger.  Your old standby may not work as effectively on the newer “keyhole” toilet drains.  Check with your local Ace Hardware associate to confirm you have the correct plunger. When plunging, compress the plunger slowly, and then pull it vigorously toward you on the upstroke.  This draws the clog upward.  It will likely take more than just a few attempts.


If the plunger isn’t doing the trick, another option to try is an auger commonly called a snake. Made of bendable steel, a snake is maneuvered into a drain with a crank handle that can sometimes be attached to a power drill.  The snake is designed to break up the clog and push it down the drain.


If conventional methods aren’t solving the problem, try a drain-clearing chemical. Most drain-cleaners are made for hair and grease, but will also do the trick on a slow-moving kitchen sink.  Most of these chemicals cannot be used in the toilet or in your garbage disposal, so read the instructions on the bottle before you pour. Always use caution with chemicals.

Call a Plumber

Some plumbing problems are caused by a bigger, more complex issue, so if your efforts aren’t making things better, calling an Approved Home Pro plumber is the next best route. So, come into your local Ace Hardware store for advice on the proper device or chemical to solve your post-holiday plumbing woes.

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