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Plan For Shades Before Remodeling

Many people think of window treatments as a final project to tackle after a remodel or once they’ve just moved into a new home, but planning ahead can ensure that the design you’re looking for can be achieved. Legacy Shading shares how their design manage process focuses on your needs to deliver a well-planned final product you will love.

Details On “Plan For Shades Before Remodeling”

Jordan: Many people think of window treatments as a final project to tackle after a remodel or once they’ve just moved into a new home but today I’m onsite at a construction job with Matt Geans from Legacy Shading to find out why that may not be the best idea. And why is right now the time to be thinking about window treatments?

Matt: It’s not a commonly known thing to plan window treatments this far in advance during construction. And right now we’re at the framing stage which is the perfect opportunity for us to discuss with the client or the contractor how are we going to build out these pockets for the shades to be fitted in there so that they disappear when we’re all done.

Jordan: So that’s the final aesthetic we’re looking for is that very sleek, everything disappears into the wall look.

Matt: Correct. So our design manage portion of what we do is to come in at this stage or even sooner and understand what you want so that we can define the width, the length, the height, how far past the window all the pockets need to be so that when we get done it looks like it was a carefully planned project.

Jordan: Of course that’s exactly how it should be.

Matt: Yes.

Jordan: How do you help the homeowners pick the exact right shades and then subsequently build these correct size pockets?

Matt: The process is really an interview process. If I were to come to your house it would be, how do you live in your home? Where do you go from point A to point B? How early are you up in the morning? Do you like to go to bed early or late? And with all those answers we’re able to guide you to the right window treatments that are going to suit you best.

Jordan: For example, let’s share this home is going to get two sets of shades, right?

Matt: Correct. In the master bedroom we have a blackout and we have a sheer weave and that’s so that they can lower it for privacy and for light control. But the sheer weave is because they have a great ocean view here they can lower that for heat control and also glare control but still see out.

Jordan: The other thing that we’re really taking advantage of while doing this during the framing phase is to hide all of the wires without extra construction.

Matt: Yes, this is a very important portion of a window automated, an automated window treatment process is the pre-wire package. So we coordinate with either the onsite electrician or the audiovisual provider to say, here’s the wires and where they need to go and that coordinates with what the clients chose. There are some locations where they don’t want to put shades right away and we’ll do a pre-wire right there so that they have the ability to pull that out at a later date if they said, yes, we’re glad we did that ahead of time.

Jordan: Because I imagine you get quite a few people that say, I wish I would have put a shade there.

Matt: Yes, we have run into a lot of wish we would haves and that’s our place is to make sure we avoid that with our clients.

Jordan: So whether you are in the middle of a remodel or a brand new construction project right now is the time that you should be thinking about window treatments. Contact your contractor and bring Legacy on board right away. Call them or find them today at ApprovedHomePros.com.