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How to Patch Small Holes in the Wall

How to Patch Small Holes in the Wall

Today we’re going to talk about how to patch small holes in the wall. With the right tools, this is an easy DIY project.

Using Spackle

For smaller holes – up to the size of a dime – it’s pretty simple using spackle as a patch. Quick dry spackle or patch-and-primer-in-one can help save time. Using a putty knife, scoop a chunk of spackling and press it into the hole or dent making sure it fills in the spot.  Depending on the size of the hole, this could take two applications.  Use your putty knife to lightly scrape away any excess spackle over the repaired spot.

Let It Dry

Next, let the spackle cure.  The bigger the repair, the longer this could take.  Humidity and temperature can also affect the cure time. Once cured, you want to smooth out the repair by sanding lightly with fine grit sandpaper, at least 120 grit.  Run your hand over it to detect any bumps or rough spots.  And sand until the edges of the patch are even with the wall surface. After sanding, clean the patch with a damp sponge to remove any remaining dust.

Painting the Patch

Paint absorbs differently into spackle than it does the wallboard, so you need to paint the repair with a primer, even if you are using a patch-and-primer-in-one product. Without primer, you’ll notice discoloration. Brush a light layer or two and let it dry.  Then paint with your original wall color.

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