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Outdoor Upgrades for Fall

Now is the perfect time of year to upgrade your outdoor space! Thompson Building Materials has a wide selection from outdoor furniture to fire pits. Come down to Thompson today to discover all the amazing options!

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[Jordan] as fall is coming and you want to extend those summer nights a little bit longer it’s time to take advantage of your outdoor space and make sure it’s in prime shape so I’m here with Derek Pritchett general manager of Thompson building materials where you can get basically everything you need to create the perfect outdoor space so thanks for having us today

[Derek] Your welcome – thank you

[Jordan] we love talking about everything let’s maybe start from the ground up we can just define areas with pavers

[Derek] pavers are great addition to your backyard really simple to put down very cost effective if you’ve got an area that’s just not being utilized properly just to leveled out but some concrete pavers down don’t require any concrete sub base or anything just packing some sand another great area is some decomposed granite and some steppin stones and that just kind of locks it all in place and makes it almost like a concrete patio

[Jordan] well that’s lovely it’s perfect to wheel our beautiful wine cart around on having our own little garden party today so once we’ve got that there’s everything from furniture to fire bowls here at Thompson that we can see fire bowls make a great addition it keeps it a little bit warmer at night and gets people family and friends come around and sit around the fire

[Derek] and you got fire bowls fire outdoor fireplaces we’ll do custom outdoor fire fireplaces fire feature right freestanding hose propane and natural gas you don’t have to get you don’t have a gas line no problem we could have a propane operated which is the same perfect

[Jordan] so you have so many options when it comes to creating that ambience and you know taking those fall nights taking them into winter nights in San Diego you know we want to be outside all year long of course the barbecue island is just the same

[Derek] throughout their cooking with family and friends you know we’ve got barbecue Islands that will do custom make those and design unto your specifications and a great place to move the kitchen outside

[Jordan] absolutely and you can work with designers at Thompson to go through any of those specifications obviously as we look around showroom here both inside and out we can see so many choices of materials to make all these things out of brick natural stone tile

[Derek]  anything that you’re looking for we’ve got it covered

[Jordan] and then you also have everything down to the finishing touch I mean we’re in a lovely little patio set right now there’s you know plan we’ve got these beats bar tables that make a great addition that has wine barrels that turn into a bar type table everything down to the custom dog house

[Derek] really anything they can think of we’ve got it or we can make it

[Jordan] Well come check it out at Thompson just five miles outside of downtown if you are not loving and using your outdoor space to its maximum potential let the designers here at Thompson help get you started they have everything from the pavers to the finishing