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Outdoor Entertaining With Kids In Mind

If you have kids or grand kids, you want an outdoor space that keeps everyone happy. Today there are more options than ever for including kids in your outdoor entertaining space. System Pavers explains how picking the right elements, right design and the right company to help create that space are critical.

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Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Fraser. And today it is all about the power of outdoor design, when it comes to having kids and families and getting them all together. So I’m here at Jennifer, at her home where she recently did a big transformation with System Pavers. Tell me about your family life because this is so important to this setup of this outdoor space we have here.

Jennifer: Yeah, so we have three kids. We have a teenager, and two young boys. And so we were really looking for a space that we can kind of entertain at all different levels.  

Jordan: Before System Pavers came in and helped you with this transformation, it was not that way?

Jennifer: No. 

Jordan: So what was it like? How did it feel?

Jennifer: It was a train wreck. It was absolutely awful. It was embarrassing. So we didn’t really have friends and family over. The kids still used the pool, but we didn’t really invite guests over.

Jordan: So it was obviously very important to consider the family, and especially the young kids in this design.

Jennifer: Yes.

Jordan: So that they can get their energy out, run around. 

Jennifer: Definitely.

Jordan: What were the elements that you were looking for?

Jennifer: We were really looking for a fire pit, an entertaining area for adults to kind of hang out, maybe do s’mores with the kids. A place to relax and watch TV. A little putting green for the boys. So, just a little bit of everything for everybody. 

Jordan: And of course, luckily enough, you have enough, you have plenty of space and you were able to get all of these elements together, which is so great! 

Jennifer: Definitely. 

Jordan: How has it been since it’s transformed? What’s your favorite thing now? 

Jennifer: Definitely the fire pit. We do sit out there and hang out a lot. We’ve been having, obviously, a lot more parties and friends over, and parents of our kids’ friends. We have space now so let’s bring em over. So that’s been great. 

Jordan: And it feels like the family’s coming together. More people are bonding in your space. That must be so incredible. 

Jennifer: It is, It is. It’s been, we have little kids and so we kind of really see this being the house that they’re going to grow up with and having their friends over here. 

Jordan: How was it working with System Pavers to go through this whole transformation process? 

Jennifer: It was absolutely amazing. We had our designer come in. They really worked with us. It was a blank space that we could really do whatever back here. So they really nailed in the design with us. And so from start to finish, it was amazing. 

Jordan: So it sounds like you might recommend System Pavers to some friends? 

Jennifer: Absolutely. 

Jordan: Thanks so much for having us to your home today, Jennifer. If you are ready for a transformation for your outdoor space, whether front yard or back yard, System Pavers is ready to help. Get started today at ApprovedHomePros.com/SystemPavers where you’ll find a 20% off exclusive offer when you mention Approved Home Pros or pick up the phone, 619-312-6760.