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Options For Choosing A New Water Heater

Your water heater is probably something you don’t think much about until you can’t get hot water. We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air guides us through water heater options and proper maintenance.

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Sean: Your water heater is probably something you don’t think much about until you can’t get hot water. Bob Briley from We Care Plumbing, Heating, and Air is here to guide us through water heater options and proper maintenance. Bob, great to have you here this morning. What are the options we have when it comes to a water heater? 

Bob: You have different options. You have your regular standard tanks, you have a high-efficiency tanks, and then you can go to the tankless systems. 

Sean: The regular tanks, have they come a long way from what they used to be? 

Bob: Yeah, they have. The technology for the tanks has actually increased. You have your basic tanks and then they start moving up to your power-vented tanks where you get your high efficiency for ’em. 

Sean: The difference between the two, just so people understand, a regular tank is almost like keeping a pot of water boiling all the time. 

Bob: Correct. 

Sean: Where the tankless, how does that work? Just quick hot bursts?

Bob: It’s not really quick hot, I mean, but it’s endless hot water. It’s still going to take the same amount of time for hot water to get from point A to point B, it’s just endless hot water. You can take 10 minute, 20 minute showers and you’re always going to have hot water. 

Sean: But it heats it on demand.

Bob: Yes, it’s on demand. 

Sean: Now what are the benefits of that from having, if you’re in a family with a lot of people taking showers, you never run out of hot water even if maybe three people are taking a shower at the same time. 

Bob: Yeah. Well you’re going to lose water pressure on that side, but you’re still going to have endless hot water. 

Sean: That’s great. You mentioned the on-demand. Some people confuse a tankless system with instant hot water and they’re not– 

Bob: No, there’s definitely a difference. Instant hot is basically your system is on a circ system which is water’s constantly running through it. Hot water’s running through it. Or there’s little applications you can put in your faucets or in certain bathrooms when you do turn the hot water on, it is instant hot. But tankless is not instant hot. 

Sean: And it’s not a solution for everybody. There are times that a tank system, the older technology, but they’re efficient, is the right choice.

Bob: Yeah, there’s some applications where you really just can’t put a tankless in. I mean in certain apartment and condos you can’t. Certain homes. I mean, there’s different variables that cause the tankless not be able to be put in. 

Sean: But when you guys come out, you’re going to look at the options and walk people through the pros and cons and the benefits of each type. 

Bob: Oh, most definitely. We’re going to talk to you and educate you and just go over all the different options you have, like you said. Just to make sure that’s what’s going to fit your needs. 

Sean: Thank you so much, Bob. Hot water is very, very important. Nothing worse than jumpin’ into a cold shower.

Bob: Yes.