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No-Tent Solutions For Termites

From inconvenience to chemicals, there are many reasons you want to avoid having your home tented. Ecola Termite & Pest explains what tenting does and if it’s always necessary to get rid of termites.

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Sean: From inconvenience to chemicals, there are many reasons you may want to avoid having your home tented. Is it always necessary to tent to get rid of termites? Sue Fries, The Termite Lady, is here to explain. Let’s start with what is tenting to begin with, what exactly is it?

Sue: Tenting is fabric that goes over the entire house, it’s all encompassing, and then they put chemical, gas, in the home and it has to be there for three days. So you have to leave your house, you have to bag your food. You have to do a lot of things, it’s very inconvenient. So the good news for us at Ecola is that we offer other methods that can take care of the problem.

Sean: So tenting, fumigation is the other word for it, right?

Sue: Yes.

Sean: That’s the big gun.

Sue: Yes.

Sean: So you don’t always have to go with that?

Sue: No, you don’t. If you have one or two areas of infestation, why would you have to do the entire structure? That’s overkill, literally. And so, what we do is we come in, we do a free inspection. We sit down with you. We explain what your options are. We have a lot of different methods that are available to us. We just sit down and individualize the best solution for you and your home.

Sean: So it’s not a one size fits all approach. What I find out there is most companies, or many of them, they’re pushing fumigation every time. Is that because it’s probably the only tool in their toolbox, and maybe the highest profit margin thing they have?

Sue: That could be the case. Most companies will offer fumigation. We stand out because we offer all the other alternatives. It’s like a contractor going to your house with a hammer, and only a hammer. We have all the tools in our toolbox, so that we can maybe even use more than one alternative treatment.

Sean: We have a little bit of time. What are those treatments? Just list through them quickly for us.

Sue: Thank you for that. We have the Ecola patented Heat. It’s clean, hot air. And it has to reach a certain temperature for a certain length of time, and then we kill the adult termites and the eggs. We can do a compartment, attic, subarea, or we can do a full structure.

Sean: What about the Electro-Gun?

Sue: I know. That’s next. Electro-Gun, 90,000 volts of electricity that zaps them dead. And most guys really like that tool.

Sean: Yeah, I like that.

Sue: Yes.

Sean: What I really like is the fact that you have individualized, customized approaches, and more than one approach for the customers and whatever their need is.

Sean: Absolutely.

Sean: Thank you so much, Sue. When it comes to termites, you don’t always have to fumigate. Call Ecola today to learn about your options, and what solution is right for you and your home. Call 619-365-9030, or find them at ApprovedHomePros.com/Ecola.