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Monthly Security Fees Explained

You paid for your alarm system but you still have a monthly fee. Do you know what that monthly fee covers? Richard Mates from Knight Security explains what the monthly fee covers and how it benefits you.

Details on ‘Monthly Security Fees Explained’

[Richard Mates] This is Richard Mates from Knight Security and this is Safe at Home. Some insight into home security and I received a question about monthly monitoring charges. Why is there a monthly monitoring charge? And there could be no better place to be standing than where I am to explain that. Your monthly charge relates to central station, the people that dispatch the police fire and paramedics to your home and right behind me you can see these folks that are here 24 hours a day to assist you with questions or handle obviously in case there’d be a fire at your home or any other type of emergency. These folks have been trained specifically and have all the information in front of them relative to your home cross streets which police department to call and how to assist you in the easiest way. That’s why there’s a central station charge. Now if you have a question on this topic or any others you can reach me online or call me personally. I’ll be happy to help you and please be safe at home. Thanks.