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Modern Garage Door Options

There are so many beautiful and diverse garage door options today. Empire Garage Doors & Gates joins us to discuss the different kinds of modern garage door options that are available.

Details on ‘Modern Garage Door Options’

[Jordan] Look durability and technology of garage doors has come a long way over the years so today I’m checking with Jared from Empire garage doors and gates about some of those changes because I know when I was a kid we had two styles of doors basically we had the metal door that tilted up and then the panel or said where the wood door that filled it up in the metal panel door what do we have

[Jared] today there is an amazing variety of products from looks to materials go from steel aluminum to fiberglass and then of course wood and then in the wood products there’s a lot more variety to make your garage doors last a lot longer and with those different materials does that limb self two different design aesthetics are different styles that are created by this

[Jordan] absolutely what styles do you have?

[Jared] you have your modern doors you have your Craftsman style doors you have your Spanish and your mission there’s many different designs of doors out there and wood is a great product to make the garage door you exactly want for your home

[Jordan] now there’s one I want to talk about I know they’re gonna show it on the screen is in Coronado Island Coronado for a long time very familiar with this home and there it is a statement garage door that garage door that whole house is a greenhouse but that is a very unique garage door

[Jared] it actually sits flush with the outside of the house it’s a tilt up garage door and it has an aluminum frame and that material that’s on there is another green product that keeps helps insulate the garage it’s a beautiful piece especially if you like modern contemporary kind of design and that I think it’s representative of people realizing that that it’s the biggest probably surface your entire front of your home you need to incorporate it into the design absolutely the garage doors architects and designers are finally getting it that

[Jordan] these garage doors need to look beautiful they need to represent the rest of the house so because they are the focal point of the house the front of the house

[Jared] oh yeah that home is especially a true and there’s a couple of other pictures we’re seeing so it’s not an afterthought the way it used to be it’s part of the early design process correct definitely I a lot of times get plans year 2 years in advance before construction even starts and the garage door design is definitely a point of interest in designing the house it’s a big part of it we’re running out of time

[Jordan] but one of the things I want to bring up is important to pick the right company and we’ve screened and vetted you highly recommend you but if for some reason somebody’s gonna go with somebody else

[Jared] it’s an industry you need to really be careful of who you’re picking correct you definitely do yeah first of all you got to remember that the company that you have installed these products they’re the ones that are gonna uphold your warranty and then the products you’re putting in you want to make sure that they’re a reputable company that has great warranties and they back up those warranties it’s an industry that there’s some less than great companies

[Jordan] that’s why we highly recommend Empire and for you get the perfect door for your home from Empire you can find them at approved home pros com