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Mix and Match Faucet Styles

Changing faucets and fixtures can be a quick and easy way to make a dramatic change in your home. Kohler shares all you need to know about various faucet styles to give your home a new look. You can find these styles and helpful staff to answer questions at Expressions Home Gallery.

Details On “Mix and Match Faucet Styles”

Sean: Changing faucets and fixtures can be a quick and easy way to make a dramatic change in your home. Jeanine from Kohler is here today with various faucet styles for us to take a look at. Glad to have you on the show today.

Jeanine: Thank you.

Sean: So faucets and fixtures, can they have a just a dramatic impact on a space in terms of a kitchen or bathroom?

Jeanine: Absolutely, I think whether it’s a quick refresh, or a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel, the faucets are a great place to start.

Sean: Kind of a focal point, but also where you use it on a daily basis.

Jeanine: Definitely.

Sean: So you have a new kind of set of options with a lot of options within it with Kohler. Talk to me about what we have here.

Jeanine: Yeah, so this is the Components Collection by Kohler. And it’s a really unique collection for us, in that it’s a contemporary collection, but also that it’s a mix and match collection. So you can pick your different spouts, and different handles, and then lastly pick your finish. So, for example, we show one option here. And then you can kind of do this option, or you can swap out to a different spout.

Sean: Wow.

Jeanine: And, or handle, and create a custom look for your bathroom.

Sean: So you can mix and match and choose any of the finishes you want, or any of them. I love this one actually. This is the choice that I would go with. Reminds me of kind of an old school stereo knob in some ways.

Jeanine: Yeah.

Sean: I’m a big fan of contemporary and modern. What if I’m not, if I’m more traditional or transitional? What do you have?

Jeanine: Yeah, so Kohler offers a variety of price points, and also different design aesthetics, so this is a more contemporary collection, but we have a similar mix and match collection where it’s called Artifacts, where you can do the same thing.

Sean: So no matter what kind of a style, or look you’re going for, there’s something that’s going to be able to match that?

Jeanine: Yes, definitely.

Sean: And mix and match that, actually.

Jeanine: Yeah.

Sean: So in terms of making decisions, and which one is right for you, what do you recommend in getting to that final stage?

Jeanine: So, I always tell someone if they’re looking to do a kitchen or bathroom remodel, to go into one of our local showrooms, so Expressions Home Gallery is one of our showrooms here in San Diego, and they can work with a showroom consultant who is knowledgeable on the product, and help them put together the specifications for them.

Sean: Yeah, Expressions is a wonderful location, wonderful place. And there’s a variety of different things they’re going to be able to see there, lots of different things in the collection, correct?

Jeanine: Yes, for sure. And you can actually get in bathtubs, touch and feel the different faucets to put together that bathroom for yourself.

Sean: Thank you so much.

Jeanine: Yeah.

Sean: Experience Kohler faucets locally at Expressions Home Gallery in Miramar, where their design consultants can help guide you to the perfect style for your home. Find out more on approvedhomepros.com.