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Mark Changes with Paint

A fresh coat of paint in your home can mark a significant moment in life from having a baby to celebrating a graduation, but you don’t have to have a momentous event to paint. Paint can freshen up your home and bring new energy into it! Find out how 360 Painting can help you.

Details on ‘Mark Changes with Paint’

[Jordan] A fresh coat of paint can help celebrate a milestone in your life so Debbie from 360 Painting is here with ideas on how to update your home when these milestones come around.  Thanks so much for being with me.

[Debbie] Thank you for having me. It’s always an honor.

[Jordan] This is a pretty exciting topic because a lot of people are already out there celebrating milestones and fresh paint can really make a difference when you’re going through one of those times in life. What are some great examples?

[Debbie] You know there’s so many times where people want to celebrate. You have the traditional ones like new homes, new babies but you forget that people also want to do upgrades for graduations or one of our favorites is little kids turning into bigger kids. They want to upgrade their room and get rid of the kids stuff, you know, so that’s always a fun one too.

[Jordan] So, really anytime there’s a transition, anytime you need to make a huge impact. What is some of the feedback that you get after  the transition? The paint has you know been applied and it’s all done and the milestone is over essentially… What’s the feedback?

[Debbie] People are always so surprised at how clean and fresh their house looks and how a lot of times you see them going from the really dark colors to the light colors. How it literally changes the mood and way they live in their space. It’s really fun to see.

[Jordan] Color can affect mood in space so radically.

[Debbie] Right, oh absolutely! It changes the way you live in your space. It changes the way you feel it, even just changes the way you decorate your house.

[Jordan] So what about people who are maybe not going through a milestone but have been in their house a long time?  You know, our flavor palates change every seven years, I imagine our taste and style kind of grows with that as well.

[Debbie] Absolutely, you can create your own milestone by adding a fresh coat. Okay, absolutely and it seems like we get the calls about every seven or eight years, you know faux finishes we’re really popular…people are looking to get rid of those and put bright colors in their house or maybe they did the really dark colors or the accent walls but it seems like every seven or eight years people just want to feel different. They don’t know what’s wrong and we come in and we help them, kind of during this experience figure out what they need to do. Yeah, create that new space that you need, while still loving your existing space.

[Jordan] Exactly. Let’s talk about color consultation services.  Yeah because I think one of the biggest factors for people not making a change in their home is not knowing exactly what to do.

[Debbie] That is absolutely true and we’re lucky because we have painters with years of experience and a lot of good painters are actually artist by trade, that’s  their hobby so a lot of them are good with color but if we aren’t able to get what you need, we actually partner with Sherwin Williams. We work with all the paint manufacturers but Sherwin Williams offers a really cool program. They train color consultants and if you’re  with us we can actually send them out to your house and they can play with the colors and textures in your home. They can talk about scenes, if it’s things able to do we have that for you as well.

[Jordan] Thanks so much, Debbie. Get started with 360 Painting today at 619-369-3200.