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Mandatory Water Restrictions & What They Mean for San Diegans

On April 1, 2015, Governor Jerry Brown announced the first mandatory water reductions in California’s history, mandating a 25% cut to state water use.

Mandatory Water Restrictions in San DiegoWhat does this mean for San Diego homeowners? Since July,2015, San Diego has already been complying with mandatory water restrictions from the San Diego County Water Authority. You can check the current regulations in your area on SDCWA’s website. The executive order from Governor Brown amplifies how important saving water is during these dry times.

DIY Water Saving Tips

-Immediately fix leaks
-Take shorter showers
-Don’t leave the water running while doing dishes or brushing your teeth
-Wash only full loads of clothes and dishes
-Shorten sprinkler run times

See the full list of tips.

Water Efficient Upgrades

There are also household upgrades you can make that can greatly increase your water efficiency, most of which qualify for financing through the HERO Program.

Water-saving home upgrades that can be made using the HERO Program include:

-Automatic Pool Covers 
-High Efficiency Fixtures 
-Artificial Turf 
-Drip Irrigation
-Drought Tolerant Landscaping
-Graywater Systems 
-Rainwater Catchment System 
-Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles 

See the full list of HERO approved products and upgrades.

How Low Can You Go?

According to SDCWA, the San Diego region’s largest water supplier, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, likely will impose water supply allocations starting July 1 if conditions don’t improve quickly.

San Diego County residents have been responding to the drought by turning off their irrigation systems after storms, fixing leaks and taking other conservation actions, but are encouraged to go even further. SDCWA is challenging residents and businesses to see “How low can you go?” with water use as part of regional advertising and outreach efforts.