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Making Your Whole Home Remodel Easy

Remodeling your home is a huge project so it’s important to trust the companies you’re working with. Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel uses a whole home approach to remodeling and works with other trusted Pros in our network to make it as easy as possible.

Details on ‘Whole Home Remodel’

[Jordan] When you’re ready to update your space it can be tough to know where to start and what upgrades to actually tackle, so today our resident expert Gregg Cantor from Murray Lampert Design Build Remodel is here recommending a whole home approach. Thanks so much being with me today.

[Gregg] Thank you.

[Jordan] Let’s start with what is the whole home approach to remodeling?

[Gregg] Indoor outdoor spaces- it would be exterior remodeling, interior remodeling, hard surfaces kitchens, baths, windows, doors, usually roof too. So it’s just time to look at your entire home as soon as you’re considering any kind of remodel. It just means opening your eyes and looking around and seeing what’s going on in your whole home because then you can kind of tackle them all into one project and only deal with the home improvement one time exactly and there’s economies of scale so it’s much more economical to do everything at once.

[Jordan] That’s really interesting because I think it might be counterintuitive to what people would you know imagine I can you know smaller upgrade would be to just do the windows and a couple years I’ll do the roof and a couple years they’ll do something else but really there’s benefits to going with this whole home approach for sure because if you’re doing Windows then chances are there’s drywall there’s stucco there’s finish painting all those things kind of come together so when you scale it up to a whole home it’s definitely a lot more cost-effective and so let’s talk about that design process once someone has decided to go with the whole home approach how does it work well

[Gregg] First we go meet with the people face to face on the site we have a whole list of lifestyle questions that we asked to find out what their goals are we talked about budget because we want to design within a budget and then we just we start the design development part of the process and then of course it can be really educational for homeowners because there might be upgrades that you would suggest or recommend that I may never have thought of for instance if I’m you’re already doing a kitchen remodel for me it’s time to talk about water filtration because I don’t want to finish my kitchen and then go back and add it afterwards and we assist in all that and of course we recommend approved home pros and so we’ll help scheduling and make sure those things happen at the right time and some you know there’s some things that we have to setup and advance for those parts of the job but of course it’s also going to be that my contact at Murray Lampert takes care of all of the scheduling right that’s really the hardest part when it comes to remodeling on time.

[Jordan]  Thanks so much Gregg explore all of the ways to improve your home with a whole home approach to remodeling with Murray Lambert Design, Build, Remodel call them today 619-500-9485 or find them and other top pros on ApprovedHomePros.com