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Lower The Temperature Of Your Home By Upgrading Your Roof

Keeping your home cool without breaking the bank is a constant struggle. Upgrading your roof might be something you should consider to cool down your home. Top Line Roofing shares options for your roof that can help lower the temperature in your home.

Details About “Lower The Temperature Of Your Home By Upgrading Your Roof”

Jordan: We spend a lot of time talking about how to keep your home cool without breaking the bank, but have you ever thought about roofing upgrades. Wayne Sorensen from Top Line Roofing is here to show us how a roof can actually help keep you cool. But before we even get into that, now in this peak summer is actually the time that your roof is getting the most damage.

Wayne: Right, exactly. A lot of people don’t realize it, but in the wintertime you have the rain coming that you can have leaks on your house but the damage to your roof is really going on in the summertime when the hot sun, the UVs are beating on your roof and and what it is doing is destroying your roofing products.

Jordan: Yeah, so that’s what we’re seeing right here.

Wayne: An example of a shingle that’s badly damaged. It’s just the sun destroying it. A tiled roof, again, the sun has etched it, you know, the paint is gone, so there’s a lot of damage to these items that the sun’s causing. And this is the time of year that’s happening. So it’s always a good idea to have a roof evaluated at the end of a summer, to get ready for the winter so you’re prepared or you can make corrections so this doesn’t cause water damage in the winter.

Jordan: And of course Top Line will come out and do a free evaluation.

Wayne: Yes

Jordan: And if it is the case that your roof is looking like one of these, the upgrade, something to really consider when it’s time to upgrade your roof would be cool roof. So what is that?

Wayne: Yeah, cool roof is now where most of the industry is going here in California. And basically, according to Title 24 it’s a way to cool off your attic space and cool off your house, so you keep less cost of energy in the house.

Jordan: There’s also things you can do if it’s not time to replace roof. You can add some ventilation to the attic or even a whole house fan.

Wayne: Yes, if your roof is in decent condition and you don’t need to replace it, there’s ways you can do it. And basically, in earlier homes in California here, they just didn’t have proper ventilation, so all that hot air gets trapped in the attic. It’s got nowhere to go. So if you add more ventilation, you get the air movement through the attic, you’re going to get your house to be cool from that alone. And that’s a great way to cool off your house. 

Jordan: And of course coming out to evaluate that as well, it would be complementary.

Wayne: Yes. We go out and look at it and evaluate and say, why don’t we add a few more vents here and here and see if we can get more air movement to cool off that house, exactly.

Jordan: Thanks so much, Wayne. Trust your roof upgrades to the experts at Top Line Roofing. You can find them at ApprovedHomePros.com.