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Limitations Of A Handyman

Knowing who to call when you need help around the house can be one of the toughest parts of home improvements. Often, the best place to start is with a handyman. Mr. Handyman shares why that is the best first step.

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Jordan: Knowing who to call for what jobs around the house can be one of the toughest parts of home improvements. Oftentimes the best place to start is with a handyman. So, Bill Cone from Mr. Handyman is here. Thanks so much for being with me today.

Bill: It’s great to be here, Jordan, thank you.

Jordan: Let’s talk about why a handyman is the great first call to make when you need something done around the house.

Bill: Sure, first of all, a lot of people have a misconception that handyman means less skilled. The handymen that we hire, they all have a minimum of ten years experience in the trades, most of them average 15 to 20 years.

Jordan: Wow.

Bill: So they have multi skills, they’ve been doing construction, remodeling for a long time, and they have a lot of different skills. So calling a handyman is a great first start so that you can have a chance of getting your projects taken care of without having to call individual tradesmen to get a single job done.

Jordan: Yeah, and I’m sure the handyman like having diversity of stuff to be involved with around the house.

Bill: They love it. Every day is a little bit different for them, so they’re not doing the same thing every day. They get to keep their skills up in the variety of trades that they use.

Jordan: So what about when the job is too big? I know you said a handyman’s great for those kind of small jobs around the house. How do you know when the job is too big?

Bill: Well, first of all, we have a lot of discussions with our clients as they call us and discuss the job. There are times, though, that we get to a place and it’s a job that’s just not really for us. Either it is too big, there’s times, maybe we are replacing some drywall, and we open up drywall and we find some mold.

Jordan: Sometimes you won’t know until you start the job.

Bill: You don’t know until you get into the job, despite your best efforts. So, what we do then is, we stay within our wheelhouse of our expertise. It’s one of the great things about being part of Approved Home Pros, is that we have all these great other professionals that we can trust, and we can recommend to our customers to take care of those issues. For instance, the mold, we don’t do mold remediation, but we have a lot of partners that can do that. We stop the job, get them onsite, let them take care of that issue, and then we can finish up the job.

Jordan: And make the transition very easy for the home owner. When you call Mr. Handyman, you’ll get $50 off a four hour service when you mention Approved Home Pros, so for projects around the house of all sizes, call Mr. Handyman at 619-407-9888.