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Leave the Pool Maintenance to the Experts

Pool cleaning is a routine part of pool maintenance but when you don’t know the basics or how often to clean it, your pool can suffer. Payan Pool Service discusses why you should leave pool maintenance to the experts.

Details on ‘Pool Service Basics’

[Announcer] It’s time to check in with Approved Home Pros.

[Jordan] The beginning of pool season is just around the corner and to keep your pool sparkling clean and ready to use all season long, it needs regular maintenance. So today I’m here with Javier Payan from Payan Pool Service. Thanks for being here to share some tips!

[Javier] You’re welcome, Jordan, thanks for having me.

[Jordan] What is it we need to know about basic pool maintenance to keep it ready to use all summer long?

 [Javier] To keep your pool healthy and ready to use all summer long, you want to make sure that you’re testing the water regularly. It’s very important. And the water chemistry

can be pretty complex but you can also just keep it real simple and stay on it. And it’s real important to have a good quality test kit.

[Jordan] Okay, like we have here.

[Javier]Yeah, and you want to make sure that the solutions are up to date. Because they do expire, they do give you false reads. So you want to make sure that that’s up to date so that you can get good, accurate readings, and do it consistently. Next thing, you want to make sure your water level’s up to the proper height so that your filter runs the way it’s supposed to run. You want to make sure your pump is running long enough to keep the water clean, because a lot of times people will try to scale it back down, but it really has a big impact on the water quality. Then, lastly, clean your filter regularly and go into the summer with a nice clean filter, it’ll help keep your water clean and looking good.

[Jordan] So while it is doable, what I’m hearing is, I should really leave this up to the experts, because you lost me at pool chemistry. So this is where Payan Pool Service comes in with regular reliable service,

you guys are on it regularly. Consistent, and you guys know what you’re doing!

[Javier] And really, the whole magic of what makes our business model work, is that our guys are there consistently. And so if you do it consistently, you do it regularly, you don’t get behind and we can keep up with it. So our guys have best in class standards and they’re professional, they’re on top of things.

[Jordan] I know this is something that I love about Payan Pool service, you also don’t try to cram in too many jobs into one day .The guys are out there in the field working and taking care of your pool, giving it the attention that it needs.

[Javier] Yeah, definitely. Unfortunately in our industry, a lot of people try to do too much, and so they get stretched out during the summer months, and they don’t give the pool the attention that it needs. So our guys, we’ll give them a nice, comfortable workload to where they can dedicate their time to the backyard pool.

[Jordan] Right, and you, of course, want the homeowners to worry about nothing but keeping the family safe while they’re using the pool that’s always going to be in great shape when Payan takes care of it.

[Javier] Definitely. And lastly, once a pool is ready to go and open for that pool party, make sure you’ve got somebody designated to watch the children, very important.

[Jordan] Thank you so much. Never worry about your pool again with regular services from Payan Pools. Call them today at 619-202-1153.