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Keys to Great Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance is key to not only keeping your pool clean, but also making sure your pool has a long life. Payan Pool Service provides weekly maintenance, so you don’t have to worry. Enjoy your pool year round thanks to Payan Pool Service!’

Details on ‘Pool Maintenance’

[Jordan] Having a sparkling beautiful pool is really part of the California dream lifestyle and to maintain that you can get great help from Payan Pool Service which is why I’m kind of going behind the scenes today with Javier Payan owner and founder of Payan Pool Service to really talk about the difference because Payan Pool Service is not like the competition so let’s talk about why not.

[Javier] Well thank you, Jordan, thanks for having us here so you know not all pool companies are created equal you know it’s really simple like the point of entry into a pool business route is it’s pretty low pretty easy pretty low you just need a truck and a net and you’re in business but there’s really like for a pool like this you know there’s a great family that that lives here they use the pool a lot you want to make sure that the pool is safe that it’s healthy I mean the family at this particular location is going to really have many years of enjoyment and you want to make sure that things work when they need to work and systems can be very complex and we put a lot of time into our employees so the pool system works.

[Jordan] Yeah the pool systems are there’s a lot of like trunks involved gas heaters you know pool pumps the whole thing so our technicians are trained on how to properly install it how to properly use it and should something go wrong we know how to fix it which is so important. And let’s talk about the regular training as you do because I was even at a staff meeting this morning to check out what kind of education goes into your team.

[Javier] Yeah so on any given year we probably put in about 40 hours of ongoing training for our average service technicians and by comparison you know when I talk to my peers there’s really no training format they just they’re released out into the wild as to say and then they’re just expected to do their job but there’s really a tremendous amount to learn and we learn every day and we try to communicate that from the top down so that our employees have got the tools and the resources do the best possible job and then of course that leads into the professionalism that they bring out to each home and just the way that the business has even run their desire to have that education go such a long way.

[Jordan] And you know Payan Pool Service is such a professional company which is also very unusual for the pool maintenance industry and again you know the point of entry is very low bar set very low and so we don’t really subscribe to that way I think we think there’s one way of doing business that’s the right way having trained employee invest in their education invest in systems and processes so that we are the best we can be so the and results is we are taking care of people’s California dream here so we can have the California Dream and have that beautiful sparkling pool all year long get started with Payan Pool Service today.