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Jordan Loves Her Windows Films From Superior Window Solutions

On Jan. 17, 2019, Superior Window Solutions installed window films on our host Jordan’s house. Today, we’re excited to share her personal experience with SWS, and what life is like after window films:

Why I Needed Window Films

I’ve lived in my house for three years, and back in September I rearranged my furniture to freshen up the space. While I loved my new layout, I immediately noticed the sunbeams landing directly on my couch. Thus, my first real catalyst to call Superior Window Solutions: prevent my new couch from fading. Because of working with them through Approved Home Pros, I knew how quickly the sun could wreak its havoc.

The Consultation Process

Virgil, the owner of Superior Window Solutions was helpful, friendly and informative, and I appreciated that it was obvious that I was being treated just like every other customer he encounters. During my consultation, he asked questions about my home, how I use my space and if I had certain concerns such as privacy, heat control and glare.

Because of the in-depth consultation process, we uncovered two lesser – yet still important – reasons I would benefit from window films: privacy and temperature control. My home was built around 1910; it has no insulation and some very large windows. Because of these factors, controlling the heat and cold throughout the year can be difficult, even with an efficient HVAC system. From the street it’s also easy to see into my home, particularly in the front room. For that reason, I have only used that room for storage up to this point because spending time there felt like being in a fishbowl on display for everyone nearby to see. 

Quick, Painless Installation

Virgil used all of this information to help me decide on which particular film would be installed in my home. We settled on two slightly different films: one for the front room, and one slightly darker film for the large window in my living room. Both films offer the same UV protection to prevent fading and help reduce heat transfer, but the darker one offers a touch more privacy. 

The installation was seamless and after the installers left it was like they had never been there. Once the films are installed, you can’t even tell they are there. It creates an anti-climactic finish to the project, but that’s also one of it’s biggest appeals: You reap so many benefits without changing or making alterations to your home!

I Love the Results

It’s been over a month since the films have been installed and I haven’t thought about them once. I can still use my windows and appreciate my views as I normally would, in fact, I probably use them more, but my couch color remains consistent, I have better use of space that I previously thought to be unusable, and it’s just a tad more difficult to see that doggy in the window from the street.