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Inspiration For Your Next Remodel

Thompson Building Materials is the perfect place to get inspired for your next remodeling project. Their indoor and outdoor San Diego showroom is filled unique ideas you may not have considered. Their staff are there to answer any questions and help point you in the right direction.

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Sean: I’m here at Thompson Building Materials with my good friend and Resident Expert with Approved Home Pros, Gregg Cantor. You also happen to be the president of Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel. Gregg, we’re here at Thompson, how come?

Gregg: Because this is a great place to get inspiration. We send out clients here. Even perspective clients who haven’t made a decision sometimes come here just to get ideas to start out.

Sean: So people that are going to be doing a remodel project with you, they’re coming here to pick out building materials. What kind of materials?

Gregg: Everything from, well not rough materials of course, but finishes like plank flooring, brick facing for fire places, stone materials, even outdoor living materials.

Sean: So indoor and outdoor. So things for the kitchen, bathroom, those kind of stones materials?

Gregg: Well this showroom is an indoor and outdoor space so it’s got full functioning kitchens and bathroom. And so everything possible pretty much is here at Thompson Building Materials.

Sean: I’ve heard there’s a trend in the last few years of people taking materials that traditionally thought of as outdoor and using them indoor, and indoor and using them outdoor. Are you seeing that also?

Gregg: We are seeing a lot of sort of industrial looking interiors and even exteriors, too.

Sean: When you bring people down, what part of, or send them, where in the process is that normally of the remodel process?

Gregg: Well we’re full service design build so usually our interior designers are sourcing materials here, either on their own or they’ll bring the clients here to look around.

Sean: So sometimes the clients will come down on their own if it’s just picking out one or two things, but they are sometimes coming down with the designers themselves.

Gregg: They are, and because especially with stone there’s so many options, there’s stacked stone and individual pieces, and it doesn’t do it justice just to see one piece of it. So coming here is really much better.

Sean: So if somebody’s considering a remodel but they’re not 100% sure, what’s your recommendation to the audience?

Gregg: Start out at Thompson and at least walk around. Spend maybe an hour here and just get some ideas. Take pictures even.

Sean: And the staff here will help guide them through a lot of great different options. So if you are looking for anything for your home for a remodel project, you can start with Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel or start here at Thompson. They’re just five miles outside of downtown off the 94 Freeway in Federal. Or you can find them at ApprovedHomePros.com/Thompson.