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In House Solar and Roofing Responsibility

Problems are bound to arise when dealing with any home improvement project, and solar is no exception. Installing solar can damage your roof, but luckily Milholland Roofing has the three licences (solar, electrical, and roofing) to manage any problems during the solar installation.

Details on ‘Solar and Roofing Responsibility’

[Jordan] In construction it’s not if something will go wrong but when and when you’re adding solar to your roof it’s often times that the issue is with the roof itself which is why it’s great when your contractor is licensed for both today I’m here with Brian Milholland from Milholland Solar, Electric and Roofing to talk about why that’s so important at your company to have all three licenses

[Brian] Well it’s very important because we’re installing solar on a roof we want to make sure that roof has integrity and is going to last the lifetime of the solar which is 25 years so rather than you know rely on a subcontractor or somebody else to come out and tell me what’s happening with this roof or to have to you know point a finger at somebody if something goes wrong we decided to bring it all in-house and take care of it all ourselves because all of these elements are very related but the solar system is on the roof it deals with your electrical throughout the home

[Jordan] and it’s important to know that I have one person to call so it makes it easy for me as a homeowner but do you see a lot out there where people are doing the finger pointing

[Brian] right so we do see a lot of systems that have been installed on roofs that are not going to last the 25 years in fact this last set of rains that we had we had a lot of phone calls there were systems on roofs the companies that install them are out of business or just not answering their phones it’s leaking when we’ve gone out there and it’s not the solar system it’s the roof itself right you know they put it on top of a roof that was only gonna last five years and now they have issues they’ve got to remove the system redo the roof reinstall the system so now they’re paying three times to have that system installed when they could have only paid for it once three times

[Jordan] so that’s just a little knowledge on the front end where because you have all three licenses you’re gonna be there to educate the homeowner that the roof may not be in the best shape I know we were talking earlier that some solar companies there are just kind of marketing agencies their job is just to sell you solar

[Brian] right it doesn’t matter the contingency of your roof they’re only concerned that the system they put on that it’s not going to leak where they attach it they’re not concerned that the roof itself is going to have a problem in a few years we want to make sure we have the customers best interests at heart we want to make sure that I don’t get a phone call in four years you know from a customer saying why didn’t you tell me so we want to have that hard conversation upfront with the customer they may not like it at first but in the end they are usually thankful that we have that hard conversation yeah and they’re gonna get the best value for their money

[Jordan] thanks so much for sharing that when you add solar to your roof it’s crucial to work with a contractor that is as experience with roofing as they are with solar get started with Milhollandand solar electric and roofing today you can find them on approved home pros com