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Improving The San Diego Roofing Industry

Roofing is an industry with a lot of “Chuck in a Truck” or lesser contractors. Thankfully good guys like Howard & Sons are working to bring change to the industry.

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Jordan: Roofing is an industry with a lot of chuck in the truck or lesser contractors out there, so thankfully, good guys like Howard & Sons are here working to change the industry. Today, I’m with Dustyn Howard. Thanks so much for joining me. Why don’t you start with kind of why it is that you started Howard & Sons. You’ve been in the roofing industry for many years.

Dustyn: 24, to be exact. I started out in New Mexico, started roofing actually on the roof, two, three story buildings, doing shingles, metal. Moved out to California. I got into the sales department for a roofing company then got into the manufacturing side, and I became a technical rep and then a sales rep and basically started teaching contractors how to install roofs and at the same time I handled a warranty side of it. So we started looking at all of the defects and all the bad installation these guys were doing. So we decided to do it ourselves.

Jordan: So you had such a unique perspective on the roofing industry coming from working at the manufacturer which is… You kind of got to follow those instructions on the recommended installation. It’s their products.

Dustyn: That is correct.

Jordan: And so you’re able to kind of show other roofers what they were supposed to be doing, and Howard & Sons is doing it differently now. So what sets you guys apart?

Dustyn: Well basically, we go above and beyond not just by what the manufacturer’s recommending, but we also do better product installation. We use high-grade caulking systems that do perform better, expand and contract, that actually seal, and actually provide a warranty. Our underlayment is always synthetic, and it basically outperforms your regular organic material.

Jordan: What I’m hearing is that you know what you’re talking about?

Dustyn: That is correct.

Jordan: Because that’s a lot of roofing terms that I, as a homeowner, might not know about, but it’s so good to know that the professionals that you bring to your home are working with the top quality materials and know the manufacturer’s recommendations, but you guys also kind of specialize in metal roofs which is really interesting. Not a lot of contractors do that, not a lot of roofing contractors.

Dustyn: That is correct. With my background back in New Mexico, that’s how I started roofing. Here in California we do a lot of standing seam and metal, aluminum. We do exotic metals from copper to stainless steel, but it’s a beautiful architectural product, great for the beach community, a lot of high-end, modern-looking homes.

Jordan: Thank you so much. With all the rains we’ve been having lately, if you find that you need any help with your roof no matter what type of roof you have, call Howard & Sons today, 619-343-2228. You can also find them and other top pros very quickly and easily on approvedhomepros.com by using our Pro-Finder.