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Improve The Water Quality In Your Home

San Diego has some of the worst water in the country, so we are the perfect candidates for water filtration systems. Hague Quality Water are the experts in water filtration and they share why many homeowners in San Diego experience problems with their water.

Details About “Improve The Water Quality In Your Home”

Sean: San Diego has some of the worst water in the country, so we’re perfect candidates for water filtration systems. Screened and vetted pro and water filtration expert, Brett Huff, from Hague Quality Water, is here to explain. Great to have you on. 

Brett: Hey, Sean. 

Sean: Now, is it true that San Diego has some of the worst water in the country? 

Brett: You know, we’re at the end of the pipeline. We do have some rough water conditions for the county wide. 

Sean: What are some of the things that people might find in their water besides H2O?

Brett: You know, we are typically called out because they’re experiencing some discomfort. Along with that, higher expense, so we are called out to fix that for them. Now, that could be dryness of skin. That could be a matter of their faucets are starting to notice some buildup. Shower doors have the spots they can’t scrub off anymore.

Sean: So, those are the signs that there’s extra things in the water, besides the water. So that’s dissolved solids– What are the things that could cause that?

Brett: Yeah, that could be high-dissolved solids, TDS. That could be a large amount of chlorine in the water, which they don’t like to taste, they don’t like to smell. It could be a number of issues. Hardness, iron in your water, if you’re on a well setting. Things like that. 

Sean: Now, you mentioned some of the things that people might notice. There’s also hidden costs with– it might affect your plumbing or your appliances, is that true? 

Brett: Yeah. In San Diego we have extreme hardness. It’s a matter of an appliance that heat can act as a catalyst towards that. It can damage and destroy appliances, along with that, your plumbing and fixtures. You don’t want to go over to your faucet try and move it and the next thing you know, it breaks. 

Sean: And that can happen if you don’t treat the hard water?

Brett: It could, yes, definitely. 

Sean: Now, in addition to water filtration, you have water softening systems, and you can combine those or work with the homeowner to find exactly what’s the right system for them, correct?

Brett: Definitely, yeah. When we approach a customer, we really want to find out exactly what they want to do with the water. And then, that’s where we educate them in letting them know what’s out there. And we want to accomplish, if they want just this taken out, we’ll do that. And that can be softening or conditioning. 

Sean: I heard a great quote from you that one of your customers gave you, and this just really rang in my ears. 

Brett: Yeah, you know, Mr. McCowan would always say, “If you don’t filter your water, your body then becomes the filter.” 

Sean: That’s great, and that’s so true, and I never thought of it that way. If you’re not getting the stuff out of the water before it hits your body, your body is going to take it out, and that’s not good on your body. 

Brett: Correct, yes. 

Sean: Thanks, Brett. You have a great offer. 10% off up to $500 when you use Approved Home Pros. And you don’t have to settle for San Diego’s water to improve your water quality. With a water filtration system designed specifically by Hague Quality Water systems, call 619-202-5363 today.