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How To Select The Perfect Mattress

Shopping for mattresses can be overwhelming because they frankly all look the same. Mor Furniture for Less shares expert advice on what to look for when shopping for a mattress in order to find the best one for you.

Details On “How To Select The Perfect Mattress”

Jordan: Shopping for mattresses can be extremely overwhelming because, frankly, they kind of all look the same, so I come to Mor Furniture for Less, where I’m talking with Josh Tomlinson, the general manager and we’re learning all about how to shop for mattresses because I walk in the showroom and you have a wide selection, but I have no idea how to tell the difference.

Josh: It’s pretty complicated, yeah. So, very intimidating process. I think our main goal is to make it simple and just try to get a customer, a guest fitted for the right mattress. And we start by just focusing on the comfort. 

Jordan: Comfort. 

Josh: Just making you comfortable, so. 

Jordan: Okay. I’m comfortable. What’s next? 

Josh: Alright. So really, the big thing now is just to, you might find maybe two or three different options at this level, just to make sure. 

Jordan: Yeah.

Josh: Comparing firm and soft.

Jordan: So personal taste, though.

Josh: Personal taste. 

Jordan: for comfort.

Josh: Everybody’s a little different, and I think there’s different focuses. So, someone might be very concerned with back support or someone might be concerned with motion transfer, you know, getting up at different times if you’re a couple. 

Jordan: Yeah. 

Josh: And then heat regulation, just making sure you don’t get too hot. So, there’s a lot of different things that we can use and demonstrate to apply the application of controlling all those facets, right? So, making sure you’re comfy, motion transfer, heat separation, right? 

Jordan: And everyone here at Mor, of course, if you come in and you’re shopping, you can, kind of, parlay those complaints and explain them and-

Josh: Yeah. 

Jordan: Complaints. Those concerns.

Josh: Concerns for sure. 

Jordan: And of course, you know, your staff will help guide to the options that are best suited for that. 

Josh: Yeah, we’re going to tailor a few different options. Try to just narrow it down to maybe one or two. 

Jordan: Yeah.

Josh: That fit all those needs.

Jordan: Great! So once we get comfortable, we’ve picked our mattress.

Josh: Yep. 

Jordan: We have some options like adjustables. 

Josh: Huge difference. I think that the adjustable foundation option is a great way to enhance your lifestyle. So, whether you’re someone who reads in bed or someone who watches television or if you have different health concerns, these beds are going to move and adjust to cater to those things and really improve the quality of life overall. 

Jordan: So, the piece that actually moves is in the base.

Josh: The bottom part, yeah.

Jordan: So, you can mix and match the adjustable base with basically any mattress here in the showroom.

Josh: Yes. Virtually everything I have is compatible with that. And they fit into a regular bed frame. So, you don’t have to worry about getting a special headboard or footboarding, that stuff. It all works. 

Jordan: Well, I think that’s huge too. So, not only can you get the headboard and footboard or the whole bed frame here at Mor. You can get the support underneath, the- 

Josh: Yes.

Jordan: I don’t even know what you call it? 

Josh: Adjustable foundation. 

Jordan: Adjustable foundation. And you can get the mattress. And I love that because I look at these and they look kind of plain. 

Josh: Yeah. 

Jordan: I’ve never thought that they would fit right inside a traditional bed frame. 

Josh: Yeah, absolutely. 

Jordan: So, head down to Mor Furniture for Less, there are four locations around San Diego to serve your mattress needs. You can find more information at ApprovedHomePros.com