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How To Prevent Tile Roof Leaks

Roofers tend to focus on repairs, but prevention is a vital step to keeping your roof in good shape. Top Line Roofing shares ways to prevent damage to your roof.

Details On “How To Prevent Tile Roof Leaks”

Jordan: Most roofers want to talk about repairs, but today it’s going to be all about prevention. Roofing expert Wayne Sorensen from Top Line Roofing is here to help. Thanks so much for joining me Wayne.

Wayne: Glad to be here.

Jordan: We have this incredible demo, where you’ve built basically a portion of a roof. And this is a flat tile roof, but it’s basically applicable to all types of tile roofs. So, what is it that this is going to show us today?

Wayne: Well, we’re trying to show here that a lot of tile roofs, what they’ve done in the valley is they want it to look good from the street, so they miter and cut the tiles tight to the center of the valley. The problem with that is water collects in the valley and should run off. And when they cut them tight, it dams up the water behind the tile, builds up silt and debris, which drags the water across. Rots out the underlayment, causes leaks in people’s houses. So, what we would recommend doing if somebody has this, is to actually have the tiles cut to open up the valley and now that way the water can flow out and mud can flow out, so you won’t have the potential leaks.

Jordan: So is this something we’d be able to see from the street, if I just look up at my roof?

Wayne: Yes, you could see that, you can see a valley from the street, you’d be able to identify if it’s tight or not like this. The cost savings is immense between fixing a leak, once it starts leak and rots out the paper versus just cutting it and opening it up.

Jordan: Which is, that’s why this is a preventative tip, because you can come in, Top Line can cut the tiles and open up your valleys. You know, you don’t want to have that dirt collect on your tiles. You know, the roof is a dirty place. It’s going to have dirt and debris up there.

Wayne: Absolutely.

Jordan: So as soon as it rains, the water and the debris needs somewhere to go.

Wayne: Yes. Because they’re going to go somewhere, so you want to get it off the roof, not stuck on the roof.

Jordan: So if you have the tight valley, definitely call Top Line and get, what would you call this?

Wayne: We open up the valleys.

Jordan: Get the valley opened up for you. But there’s also if you’re going with a new roof, if it’s time to replace your roof or you are in the process of construction, there’s a piece you can add.

Wayne: Yeah, what we do is, exclusively, when we do a new roof on any tile, we’re not going to have a single rib like this one. We’re going to actually use a five rib valley metal with these small ribs here. The tile now does not rest on the metal, therefore, water can run underneath the tile, flow out and you don’t have that problem. So you never have to worry about it and you can cut the tile tighter and get it looking nicer.

Jordan: Thanks so much, Wayne. Solutions for every problem. If you have a tile roof, call Top Line today. 858-905-5903.